NSW - Stockton Beach

Arranged By: Wayne NSW
Start Date: 04 Feb 2006
End Date: 04 Feb 2006
Updated: 21 Dec 2005
Attendance: 11


Stockton Beach, this should get the Sydney/ Newcastle members and visitors together.
Meet at the servo at the round-about Lavis Lane and Cabbage Tree Rd. 9.30 am Sunday morning. Permits can be purchased there @ $5 dollars per vehicle.Finish at Anna Bay.
100% sand driving and further info about Stockton Beach is available through this site.

Registration & Attendance (11)


ID ScreenName No. Names Comments
V19509 Wayne NSW 1 Arranging Member
V3527 Kimbo 1 Could be interested will know as time gets closer Regards Kimbo Newcastle VKS R4928 100 series I/C turbo pov pack
M257 Ozhumvee 1 Tentative, will confirm closer to date
V25254 System Admin 1 I'll have to see whats happening closer to the date, but if visitors are allowed, you can put me down for a tentative probably.....;-)
M1458 Buffy 1 Defiantly interested depending on work commitments. Will let you know ASP.DAVE
V13681 brack1936 1 Yeah, I'll (maybe) be in for it. Depending on whethe I ever get out of Katherine ....
V35024 System Admin 1 I havent tackled Stockton yet, my poor hilux will probably shuder at the thought, it struggles at rainbow sands but am interested in trying it, just not on my own, too dangerous for this black duck...would there be anyone interested in being at the back with me....its a pretty slow go, no power at all, but at least you see the scenery...my email is rainbow44@optusnet.com.au if there is any volunteers...im only a learner on the sand but going well so far....
V23085 System Admin 1 Great to see you guys arranging a trip out onto Stockton Beach. I should be around the area as I am a Tour operator on beach. If anyone has any problems just call me on UHF channel 16 It would be my pleasure to meet or assist any members from ExploreOz, can't miss me Big red Hummer. Great job Wayne.
V28643 System Admin 1 Sorry Wayne. Granddaughter's christening. Would have been great to meet you all. Oldnsteady and I could have done the sweeper duties in our Luxies :)))
V39179 System Admin 1 Sorry Wayne,Would love to be able to make it but things went pear shaped here,So this time,I cant make..hope you all have a ball,and a safe trip.Cheers. JD
V29966 System Admin 1 Sorry Wayne I got called into work and won't get back from Canberra until about 6.00am. By the time I refuel the truck and clock off I will be straight home to bed. Maybe next time.

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