VIC - Pre Xmas Get Together

Arranged By: Glenn (VIC)
Start Date: 20 Dec 2005
End Date: 20 Dec 2005
Updated: 12 Dec 2005
Attendance: 15


Meeting in Flanagan's Bar at the Stamford Hotel between 6pm and 7pm, then move onto La Porchetta at Stud Park.

All Welcome

La Porchetta has been booked for 7.30pm. I have asked for it to be outside, weather permitting, and they are ringing me Wednesday arvo to confirm inside or outside.

Registration & Attendance (15)


ID ScreenName No. Names Comments
V21802 Glenn (VIC) 1 Arranging Member
V5783 Truckster (Vic) 1 Might drop in if its the same place and story as last time.
V160643 Wanda 1 Kir and I will be there
V257 The Geriatric Gypsie 1 i will try and come to flanigans but not for pizza steve
V11924 System Admin 1 Jenny and I will be there too.
V11240 System Admin 1 No so tuff 100 will be there +
V160568 Colin 1 I'm a chance, heading up to Merimbula for Chrissie with the folks,not sure if leaving on wed'y or thurd'y.
V160105 Rock 'n' Rolla 1 Can I can I can I Can I come Mr Glenn? MEMBER Glenn should I mention?? Will be flying solo like last time, might pay to book at La Porchetta's too Glenno
V161023 Walker 1 Caroline and I'll be there
V4589 System Admin 1 Mr & Mrs Lucy will be there
V23345 lc_120man 1 I'll be there
V160316 Steve R1 1 I wish, I wish I wish..........
V9124 Al 1 Al could be there as well
V6308 Moggs 1 I'm a maybe - have to work Wednesday evening but will attempt to get there sometime. If I don't make it - merry xmas to you all!
V13195 awill4x4 1 Unfortunately, due to being snowed under at work with the last of the Xmas rush I won't be able to attend. Merry Xmas to all and a happy and safe New Year. Regards Andrew.

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