SA - Xmas Gathering for EO people in SA

Arranged By: Pesty SA
Start Date: 03 Dec 2005
End Date: 03 Dec 2005
Updated: 07 Nov 2005
Attendance: 15


Hi all South Ozzie forumites and friends, well its been a while since we had our last gathering, (Teddy Bears Picnic weekend at Monarto Septmber 04) so with much discussion amongst a few of us, we have decided to have a Teddy Bears Picnic lunch before Xmas on Sunday 4th of December, from 11 am at Carisbrook Reserve at Salisbury Park.
Entrance is right next to Little Para River on the northern side, opposite the Old Spot Hotel, on left hand side of the road as you are heading north on Main North Road.
We will have BBQ's available , and everything else will be BYO, including chairs and tables.
There are toilets, playground and heaps of lawn area for the kids to run rampant, with whatever they bring to play with.
So hope to see as many of you as can make it and if you need any more info please call me on 0408 859 201 or email me at;

Cheers for now Pesty

Registration & Attendance (15)


ID ScreenName No. Names Comments
V160473 johlaine 1 Arranging Member
V75854 System Admin 1 well there maybe 4 of us or they might be just me.
V14707 navaraman 1 More than likely. Maybe me, maybe me and the boys, maybe all 4 of us. I don't know. Probably.
V6167 Phil G 1 Good chance I'll be there. I'll try to convince the better half :-)
M1146 Sand Man (SA) 1 Should be able to make that one. Look forward to catching up with some "old" Teddy Bears and meeting some new ones too.
V22590 Squizzy 1 Pesty, that's our local Xmas Pageant and our club have a float, one day I'll be able to get to one of these to meet some of the other people.
V160371 Kevin W 1 Trippin and I might be able to fit it in!
V6108 System Admin 1 We should be there, Peter and Lez
M1019 Copper Coasters 1 Wouldn't miss it for quids.....
M294 The Hob 1 Yep we will be there
V160785 nordic & the gypsy 1 The four of us will be there
V161033 MACCA 1 Mr and Mrs GREENDOG and 2 GREEN PUPPIES will be there
V18963 Gossy 1 I will try and make it also. Only me. Wife interstate and no kids and the dog is still 8 weeks away. Waiting on finalisation/cancellation of relative get together on this day.
V160055 Timbo 1 Apologies from us as well. Have Club xmas do on that day and have to be there.
V96743 aussichef ( 1 I & Barb would love toattend , but as usual work commitments mean i cant. so have a good time all & we will catch up soon warren & barb

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