VIC - Kate's 21st Birthday gathering

Arranged By: Bonz (Vic)
Start Date: 14 Oct 2005
End Date: 14 Oct 2005
Updated: 04 Oct 2005
Attendance: 5


Kate REALLY wanted a 21st and so we are having an afternoon tea at our place at Terang to remember her and fulfil her wish.

So many friends here supported us thru our tragic news of 6 months ago and so if you would like to come along for arvo tea at 1430 on the day and stay as long as you like that would be nice, if you want to stay around we'll be having a BBQ tea, just let us know if you can come so we can arrange the snags. My emails bonz at sclsd dot net dot au or just reply here. I'll let you know the address by email or member message.

Thanx The Family Bonz

Registration & Attendance (5)


ID ScreenName No. Names Comments
M579 Bonz (Vic) 1 Arranging Member
V160329 Ian 1 We are really looking forward to catching up with you on the Saturday and celebrating Kate's 21st and remembering her vibrant life. Am I allowed the address!!!?
V5783 Truckster (Vic) 1 It would be a pleasure dude.
V160139 Way2go 1 My girls and I would love to come.
V160241 seajac 1 dont have to tell me twice

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