QLD - Wallangarra to Cape York

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Start Date: 06 Mar 2005
End Date: 06 Mar 2005
Updated: 27 Aug 2005
Attendance: 5


Wallangarra to Cape York.
Leaving Wallangarra "New Englnd Hwy" on 02/03 July 2006 and travlling through Longreach, Normanton, Karumba,Coen, Weipa, The Top or Tip, Lakefield NP, Cooktown, Daintree NP and a LOT more. Any inquires welcome.

Registration & Attendance (5)


ID ScreenName No. Names Comments
V160663 dunnodou 1 Am interested. Depends on a few issues though. The date sounds good. Keep the info coming please. Oskar
V35201 System Admin 1 Interested in finding out more. Date is cool. Tell me more. Peter.
V23962 SA Bob 1 I am interested and the date is OK. Will be coming up from S.A. I will contact you later.
V37169 System Admin 1 g'day rough it. please keep me advised. date and destination both okay. have new 4x4 and getting it set up for long distance tours is not simple. chrissy
V34355 disco_cox 1 G'day rough it, I'm doing a trip across the simpson from adelaide and would love to meet up with fellow EO friends for a trip to the tip. Would probably join trip at normanton if possible??? many thanks disco_cox

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