VIC - BBQ day, Cardinia Reservoir Park (near Melbourne)

Arranged By: Tonester
Start Date: 27 Aug 2005
End Date: 27 Aug 2005
Updated: 12 Aug 2005
Attendance: 15


All welcome, family & kids orientated, meet & greet BBQ day.

Sunday 28-Aug
From 11am

Cardinia Reservoir Park, Emerald. 45km ESE of Melb.
...specifically Crystal Brook picnic area within
Via Wellington Rd, turn into Cardinia Creek Rd, and then almost immediately branch left into the park entrance. Follow foreshore and dam wall all the way around to a t-intersection, turn left, then turn right at the Crystal Brook sign. The picnic area is located centrally near the south end of the park.

I'll bring a UHF heldheld, channel 29. If lots & lots of chatter on the channel, drop down one by one.

Also see: (select Cardinia Reservoir Park)

Location provides for parking, shelter, single wood bbq, tables, toilets, and a playground. Wood bbq is a bit crappy but will clean up ok, but there is only one so better bring a gas version with you.

BYO everything, food, drink, outdoor games, etc. All rubbish to be taken home.

Crowd expected, so may not get the shelter, even if there early. Best bring picnic rugs, tables also.

Weather looks to be good as of latest BoM prediction.

Look forward to seeing everyone there.

Registration & Attendance (15)


ID ScreenName No. Names Comments
V27116 Tonester 1 Arranging Member
V83996 System Admin 1 Looking forward to meeting new EO people and catching up with those we already know. Thanks for organising it...let's hope the weather will a bit warmer than the last few days!
V6308 Moggs 1 Yep, will be there. Tonester, I'll speak to you prior to the day - we can get there early as well to reserve a shelter. Will be bringing the Grill2Go gas bbq.
V24982 AdrianLR 1 We'll be there with the boys (5&8) Thanks for organising it.
V30967 System Admin 1 We will be there Tonester. We drive a coaster bus so we won't be to hard to spot. Looking forward to meeting some more people on here again : )
V160643 Wanda 1 HI Kids Kir and I should be there, I will bring a bbq as long as i have the draws back in, which means we have to bring the jack. Tone we will try and get there early, but will chat to you before then.
V161031 biggles 1 Yeah Sally and I will be there. For some reason my membership doesn't show up. The site says I'm a member, paid my 50 but I don't get the red members bar or other options for members
V160139 Way2go 1 Sounds good to us Tonester. Helen, Kiralee (3yo) and I shall be in attendance.
V22373 GazzaS 1 We are going Sara, Caitlin (10) and me. (we were on before but now I have found out what the little DEL button does - deletes off the list!)
M1690 George_M 1 Cameron (age 13) and I will drop on down - how do I get the "Send Member Msg" link after my post, rather than the "Del" link?
V4589 System Admin 1 Morning 'trendsetters' I have just arrived home after spending the past 6 days in hospital receiving a gallon of antibiotic every 6 hrs straight into the vein for a poisoned elbow/arm that no medico can explain the why-wherefors. As Truckster would say - C H I T happens - and now that I am out, Deirdre and I intend BBQ-ing with you as long as the said elbow behaves itself.(I am now gobbling antibiotic bombs every 6hrs. What a 'mother' of thing it is)
V160241 seajac 1 see ya there
V160126 Mesenpet 1 We hope to be there too...
V11924 System Admin 1 Jenny and I will be there.
V161076 bobby dazzler 1 Bill & Pauline will be there

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