VIC - Gembrok Day Trip

Arranged By: Crazie
Start Date: 22 Jul 2005
End Date: 22 Jul 2005
Updated: 18 Jul 2005
Attendance: 5


There has been some talk of a gembrook trip this Saturday, I am not sure who started this, but thought there should be a gathering put up, sorry to step on anyones toes. I am Thinking we meet at the Gembrook pub around 8.30am this saturday and go from there. Plenty of good tracks up there, discuss at the pub, head off just after 9am.
Please add or change times or places to suit

I am thinking, the following tracks
Gembrook, Mt Eireje road, Olsen Road, sand pit, Caninbal creek track, Tynong tonimuk road, three ways fireline, burgess road, helmet track, two dams tk, wombat, reids fireline, follow the powerlines, corduroy track, goanna, blue range road, andersons track, foloow powerlines, jacks fireline, black creek road, rest fireline, rocky ridge track, the back track to Gembrook.

Now some of these may be closed, we will see.

Registration & Attendance (5)


ID ScreenName No. Names Comments
V20498 Crazie 1 Arranging Member
V160568 Colin 1 Crazie One, I'm half a chance, will know more later in the week. Cheers Browny
M1156 Bob and Wendy 1 I'm in, so are Moggs, S&N and F4phantom, they've all emailed. I we get too many more we'll need to break up into two groups.
V27116 Tonester 1 I'm in. Got my weekend act together (finally!). Looking forward to meeting all.
V22625 S&N 1 we are still in. my mate and his navara are comming too.

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