VIC - High county

Arranged By:
Start Date: 30 Sep 2004
End Date: 30 Sep 2004
Updated: 07 Sep 2004
Attendance: 6


Meeting in Paradise valley Caravan park on Friday . Caravan park is off the Hayfield / Licola rd. $8,50 per adult $4.00 per child . Saturday will be a all day trip into the High country & leaving after breaky on Sunday morning , please member message me or contact me on 0418364781 for any other info .

Paradise Valley van park is on Gells rd

Registration & Attendance (6)


ID ScreenName No. Names Comments
V11240 System Admin 1 Arranging Member
V21230 System Admin 1 Love the high country. You can count me in.
M833 The Original JohnR (Vic) 1 Heres hoping Eric
V160518 Edwards 1
V21221 System Admin 1 See you there Eric. (In my rear view mirror through all the dust.)
V5783 Truckster (Vic) 1 Oh that would be splendid... depends if the server upgrade goes ahead.. wont know till Thursday.

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