SA - Simpson Desert

Arranged By: brant p
Start Date: 09 Jul 2016
End Date: 21 Jul 2016
Updated: 06 Mar 2016
Attendance: 2


Leaving Adelaide and heading to Oodnadatta via Roxby, BoreField Track etc. Across Simpson - French Line, Rig Road, Lone Gum Tree, WAA Line, QAA Line and then into Birdsville. We have done this trip many times and thought it may be a good opportunity for someone who is not sure about crossing but has wanted to. We are 2 family groups and an older couple. 3 cars at this stage.

Registration & Attendance (2)


ID ScreenName No. Names Comments
V136169 stuart m10 1 stuart mcculloch Hi Been Everywhereman I travel with my dog who goes everywhere with me,do you know if dogs are allowed in the Simpson?I would love to go with other people a) for the company and b) because my 4x4 is hopeless in very soft sand so i would need to be snatched at times.If this is not to much of a pain for you and the others i would be interested.You can see my van on my profile to give you an idea of what im talking about.I have been to the tip,bloomfield track,savannah way and gibb river road.So it is not totally hopeles but soft sand does stop it,so i may be a pest.Please let me know,thanks mate.
V166793 Diane K 1 Diane Keily Hello, we are a middle aged couple with some experience in off roading but not in dessert conditions. We intend to be in the area around the time you propose your trip. Defiantly interested in taging along. Have a near new land cruiser, but no winch. Would this be a problem?

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