SA - Danggali Conservation PK

Arranged By: Ellis
Start Date: 15 Jul 2005
End Date: 15 Jul 2005
Updated: 01 Jun 2005
Attendance: 3


Would this be any good.
Danggali con. Pk. 90km nth of renmark. 9 sites with no facilities. $7.00 per site with firewood provided. Sites need to be booked. A shearers quarters is available but booked out for the noted date. Things to do are a 100km 4wd tour (easy), bushwalking and most importantly yakking around the fire. If it is wet the park will be closed. We can leave this for a few weeks too see if there is any interest and go from there. Also a wet weather plan is needed as suggested.

Registration & Attendance (3)


ID ScreenName No. Names Comments
V110854 Ellis 1 Arranging Member
V23811 System Admin 1 not sure at this stage but may be interested with my lad also (13). I assume you know the Border Track is closed at present? What part of the Riverland did you have in mind? I have spent a fair bit of time up there and haven't found any challenging 4wd'ing
V27848 Rick (S.A.) 1 Is it to be a social & camping outing in the scrub, or a serious 4wd event/drive?. At any rate, I'm interested. What about the area near Tintinara? or to the north, Lindsay Island?

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