VIC - Ruffy Lunch & 2wd Day Drive sat 28 March

Arranged By: Robin Miller
Start Date: 28 Mar 2015
End Date: 28 Mar 2015
Updated: 01 Mar 2015
Attendance: 5


Ruffy is the place about 2hrs north of Melbourne where the techniques of getting rabbits with Gelignite were developed, it also had the closest Remote area school to Melb.
Today is has just the Ruffy Produce store and is a beautiful place to have lunch.

We plan to follow the format Muz used in last years Bendigo day drive.

I.E. Meet up at a cafe, the Giddy Goat Cafe Yarck , and leave there at 11am for the short 25min drive to Ruffy for lunch. (All bitumem road to Ruffy)

Yarck is 90 min from Melbournes east via Yarra Glen and Yea (2 hrs up the hume) .

We plan to get to Yarck about 10am which allows plenty of time for a coffee or two and to greet everyone before the 11am depart.

Plan is to finish Ruffy lunch by 2pm and drive via 2wd back dirt roads to Robin & Annes 4wd property named Blue Gums where we will provide afternoon tea.

Event should end at Blue Gums by 4pm so you can get back to town in daylight, however camping is available and attendees are welcome to stay the night. (campervans ok - its just a flat paddock)

After the event ends at 4pm anyone interested will be able to go 4wding around Blue Gums.

NOTES -----------------

Total Distance Yarck to Yarck loop 55km

Mobile Phones Work (Telstra) and we are on CH15 uhf.

We have book Ruffy so it would be good to register by 21st

Giddy Goat Cafe Yarck 55 H 377252 5893060
Ruffy Produce Store 55 H 366621 5906881
Robins Front gate at Blue Gums 55 H 372698 5893406

Robin Miller

Registration & Attendance (5)


ID ScreenName No. Names Comments
M2856 Robin Miller 1 Arranging Member
V123021 muzbry 1 Gday. I would like to register. Ill bring my darling as well.
M3742 Member - Murray R (VIC) 1 Betty and myself will be there for lunch and will camp the night as well
M7958 Idler Chris 1 I will be there and also camp the night Mb 0419846292
M10566 Life Member - Terry 80FTE 1 We 2 will be there, most likely meet up at Ruffy, be in touch! Gluten free vego on board!! Cheers

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