NSW - EO Get together at Bendethera Valley

Arranged By: Wright
Start Date: 26 May 2005
End Date: 26 May 2005
Updated: 20 Apr 2005
Attendance: 12


Organising a weekend get together at Bendethera Valley. I havent been into the valley before so I was after some help on organsing the actual trip itself into the valley. Anyone who wants to help just let me know.

Will be for the weekend of 28th and 29th May 2005

Registration & Attendance (12)


ID ScreenName No. Names Comments
V160586 Pieterandy 1 Count me in as a tentetive as well, have a 60th to go to around that time.....
V38000 Jigalong 1 I really wanted to meet a few of you guys but this time I will be in the NT . Next time I hope .
V18702 System Admin 1 Mate i'm in love that place, if you want help Brad my home email is. bmfitz@optusnet.com.au
V160753 norfolkcoffee 1 We'll be there. Looking forward to meeting some of the EO members. This will be our first EO trip and looking forward to it already.
V160331 selprass 1 Did someone say Bendethera ? River crossings and stuff ? I'm In !
V10073 Jezza 1 Yes please, pencil me, my wife (Hilde) and the 2 kids, Sarah (7) and Ben (3) in. Any other kids coming? Beautiful place, been there a couple of times. Let me know if I can help - coming in from the Canberra side. First EO trip - looking forward to it. Cheers, Jeremy
V10257 fatz 1 We'll be there. Leaving Sydney Early saturday morning. looking forward to it. Great place to camp.
M218 Member - Howard (ACT) 1 Have got a leave pass will be attending.SHMBO will also come along. anyone going in from Canberra (west ) want to meet just member message and we can organise time/place
V110839 Tummers 1 We'll be there. Travelling from Wollongong
M1422 Member - Allan (ACT) 1 Unfortunately Brad who posted this trip can't make it. I will send a message to all EO members and will e-mail Redback. Fatz, if you like, send me an e-mail at allan-mcdonald@netspace.net.au for some of my thoughts on meeting for the trip in.
V110848 Waring 1 Yep, I'm defintely coming along, joining Allan in Braidwood and coming in via Merricumbene Fire Trail.
V2466 System Admin 1 I am coming with Allan - see you all at Braidwood

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