QLD - 60's to the Cape

Arranged By: Gavin W
Start Date: 01 Aug 2013
End Date: 17 Aug 2013
Updated: 22 Mar 2013
Attendance: 1


Calling all 60 Series Landcruiser owners, enthusiasts and fanatics.

The 60's to the Cape is happening in early August this year.
This gathering is the first of its kind. The 60's will travel to the tip of Cape York meeting at the tip on the 8th & 9th of August.

We anticipate over 20 vehicles at this stage from all corners of Oz. 60's will vary from original showroom condition to fully modified rigs, families, couples and singles.
The convoy will leave Cairns on the 2nd of August covering some of the iconic Cape York tracks. Participants are also welcome to use the more comfortable roads if that suits. Everyone is welcome to join the group at different intervals, we understand people like to holiday at different speeds.

There is a wealth of 60's technical knowledge within the group. Share spares along the trip with other members!

Drop into the website, have a look around, ask a question about the trip or about 60's

There is also a facebook group - anyone is welcome to join.
60's Facebook

If your in the Cape in August - say hello!!!

Registration & Attendance (1)


ID ScreenName No. Names Comments
V116492 Gavin W 1 60's owner and participant

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