QLD - Sunshine Coast to Cape York

Arranged By: Peter S84
Start Date: 25 Apr 2013
End Date: 06 Jun 2013
Updated: 20 Mar 2013
Attendance: 4


Greetings all.
My wife and I are heading from the Sunshine Coast to Cape York sometime after mid April ( Weather permitting) and are seeking other independent travellers.

We are very flexible with dates , and are not even to fussy about destination, as long as it is fishy.

We would like, if possible, to hook up with at least one other truck any where between here and Cairns for the added security .

cheers Smiddy

Registration & Attendance (4)


ID ScreenName No. Names Comments
V86273 Peter S84 1 donald 74 do you have email. I cant find you in the membership list cheers smiddy
M4047 Member - Alan John C (WA) 1 We are leaving Perth on or around the 8th of April picking up our boat in NSW and heading to the Cape. We plan on taking around the two weeks to get to Cairns then spending 4 weeks fishing and touring the top end before taking two weeks to return to Perth this would put us in Cairns around the 23rd April we also were chasing members that may wish to tag along for the trip as we are travelling alone towing dinghy. Big move to team up with out knowing us but we are willing to give it a go regards Alan.
V132671 donald74 1 hi, we are actually near Brisbane, we traveling direction Cairns, we've got a 4wd nissan patrol and we are interesting to travel with you. We are flexible too, and we're ready now. Are you intersting? cheers
V74284 Dudles 1 Hi Smiddy May be a bit late to join - just found your post. We live in Cairns and are about to head up to the cape and would like to join the group if you haven't passed Cairns. Regards

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