WA - Gunbarrel Hwy - Uluru to Philbara, Kimberly and beyond

Arranged By: Member - Peter C29
Start Date: 31 May 2013
End Date: 03 Jun 2013
Updated: 09 Mar 2013
Attendance: 2


Hi all - we are looking to join or form a small group travelling the Gunbarrel Hwy preferably starting 01/06/13 from Uluru. We are new members of ExplorOz and we would be happy to meet up with some others who enjoy our country's open spaces unique sights.
Peter and Denise

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M8957 Member - Peter C29 1 Arranging Member
V82916 System Admin 1 Hi peter and denise, What route are you plannig to get to Broome from the Gunbarrel?. I have a trip which I was considering to do in that area. (I have done the Gunbarrel before). I was planning to go from the great central up the david carnegie, crossing over the Gunbarrel, then up the Gary Highway to windy Corner and then across the Talawana track to Cotton creek, then up through the Ruddall River national park. Refuel at Kunawaritji and then up the Kidson track to eighty mile beach. This may take longer than you planned, but would be interested in your thoughts. Alan

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