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Arranged By: JVK
Start Date: 16 Apr 2013
End Date: 05 May 2013
Updated: 09 Mar 2013
Attendance: 2


As soon as the NT roads are open, I'm travelling from Mackay to Burketown and onto Marble Bar and looking for a travelling companoin - or 2 other vehicles plus 5 people.

Visiting fresh-water sites at Sedan Dip, Gregory Downs and (on the return trip) Kingfisher Camp. Salt-water sites to visit are Sedan Dip, Burketown, Escott, Seven Emu, Manangoora, Bing Bong, King Ash Bay, Lorella Springs, Limmen River, Cox River, Towns River, Port Roper, Wadamunga, Tomato Island, Hodgson River and Roper Bar. The trip would take us close to interesting sites that we could visit - at Caranbiri Nature Reserve, Southern Lost City, Poppy’s Pools, Butterfly springs, Rosie Creek, Western Lost City, and the Four Archers.

Who is interested?

Registration & Attendance (2)


ID ScreenName No. Names Comments
V80801 JVK 1 Arranging Member
V102521 Joe n Mel 1 keep in contact with us, we may be able to come over to Burktown or at least call in for a Coffe at Doomadgee ...... cheers and have fun, call us for any road info if needed 07 4745 8298

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