WA - Across the CSR North to South

Arranged By: Mad Dog
Start Date: 07 Aug 2013
End Date: 28 Aug 2013
Updated: 12 Apr 2013
Attendance: 1


Myself and my partner Kimberley will be doing the crossing in a Defender towing a Kimberley camper, no real rush and L/Rover 130 Dual cab will be well set up. Looking for others who like to enjoy themselves and perhaps need some support with carrying fuel. We have allowed ourselves enough time and will start from Mandurah. Date start and end are flexible at this stage but will firn up in the next couple of months. Good to see the walkers thats hardcore.................Have decided that towing the Camper across may be too hard core so am planning a different trip so we can utilise the camper.

Registration & Attendance (1)


ID ScreenName No. Names Comments
V128028 Mad Dog 1 Still tossing up at the moment about which direction

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