QLD - Gunbarrel

Arranged By: 464
Start Date: 14 Jul 2013
End Date: 24 Jul 2013
Updated: 19 Jan 2013
Attendance: 4


Hello !

I am looking to form a small group to travel the Gunbarrel, I will then be heading to Broome, the Gibb River Road and back accross the Tanami.
I am looking to join a group or form one for the Gunbarrel section. If anyone is interested I am able to be contacted at "mary-anne.mann@bigpond.com"
cheers Mary-Anne

Registration & Attendance (4)


ID ScreenName No. Names Comments
V137856 464 1 Arranging Member Unfortunatly I am unable to continue with this trip. However as a result of this posting, I have been able to put interested parties in touch with each other by email. To date I think 3 groups have organised to travel toghether. Going to be a great experience for them. Let me know if I can forward on contacts, if any one else is interested. cheers Mary-Anne
V66753 System Admin 1 Hi Mary -Anne. Could be interested in joining your group. Will email you. Chas
V81684 artaustralia 1 i am planning in coming to OZ from France for a few months to continue to explore the outback....i could be interested in joining you but won t be able to confirm at the soonest in a month.....let me know how your project go.....cheers,martine
V64482 Tony C17 1 Hello Mary Anne. I would have been interested in joining your group on the abandoned section of Gunbarrel Hwy however will be in the area on about the 19th July. If for any reason you where delayed a few days please let me know. I will be leaving on 15th from Echuca Vic. Cheers Tony. email. achance59@hotmail.com

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