WA - Canning Stock Route

Arranged By: Member - Mortdad
Start Date: 24 May 2013
End Date: 08 Aug 2013
Updated: 16 Apr 2013
Attendance: 4


Hi all,

I have been planning a trip which includes the Canning Stock Route and the Simpson Desert as the major features. The trip also takes in the Oodnadatta Track, the Old Ghan Heritage Trail, The Great Central Road and the Gunbarrel Highway. We will see the Bungles and Wolfe Creek Crater and travel the whole of the Tanami Road. We travel from Alice Springs to Mt Dare via the Old Andado Track before doing the Simpson. After the Simpson we travel to Quilpie in SW Qld then travel down the Dowling Track to Bourke before heading home.

As our wives do not want to camp this rough for this long we have decided to make it a Boys Only Trip.

We have UHF radios for vehicle to vehicle communications and HF Radios for contact for emergencies and phone calls etc. One of our participants is a remote Area First Aid instructor and will have a full kit along for the trip.

I have an itinerary for this trip although it is very flexible.

The rough itinerary can be seen here Itinerary

We now have enough people and cars to safely complete this trip. YAHOO!!!!


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M8280 Member - Mortdad 1 Arranging Member
V137856 464 1 I would love to join, but I am not a man.....should you be interested/or should you come across other solo travellers please let me know. I promised myself that I would do, what my late husband had planned for us. I totally accept the boy trip.....but if you can guide me via response to your trip, would be thankful !
V123020 Doug D 1 I would love to come, but I was born female. Have an awesome trip, so jealous! Anyone have an all female or mixed trip coming up?
V100063 Gaynor 1 Boys Trip accepted. Have fun !! Gotta be done. Mary-Anne - Don't let being female stop you. Two of us girls are walking the Canning. We start by driving two vehicles south to north around the 19th May making food and water drops and then walking north to south, end May. Out drive north will be fast. Our walk south will be slow - about 3 months. I have hitched the Canning twice so I know what a girl can do :-) Started building a website in my spare time covering the walk. Just in the early stages at present. Will get a lot better. www.walkthecsr.com

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