QLD - 2012 trek to Cape York

Arranged By: Steve T
Start Date: 12 Jul 2012
End Date: 19 Aug 2012
Updated: 28 Sep 2012
Attendance: 1


Four adventurous couples with camper trailers in tow headed north from Brisbane to our launching pad location of Tarzali Lakes on the Atherton Tablelands bound for Panjinka with both east and west coast diversions along the way.
Heading out, our course had us travelling north up the Peninsula Road until heading west to Merluna Station for a two night camp allowing time to explore the region and make the obligatory visit to Weipa.
The Cape beckoned and having found our way back to Batavia Downs we continued to push north with a number of stops along the way bound for the Bypass road and Captain Billy Landing. Opportunities were taken to leave the main route on a number occasions and drive the OTT to places like Palm creek to see how others were filling in their days.
Captain Billy promised us fairly stiff winds, but to coin a phrase by one of the departing campers, we had indeed been blessed as conditions were quite ideal and kind making this stop a real winner. From Captain Bill Landing, a short hop to the OTT and two nights at Twin / Elliott Falls where the swimming and surroundings were simply outstanding. Fruitbat Falls about 7 klicks down the track were just as good with a couple of water crossings to have some fun with.
Back on track we headed for the Jardine River and push on to Punsand Bay being our most northern camping location and base for 4 nights to have plenty of time to explore the tip, Sommerset, Pajinka, Seisa and Thursday Island.
Having hugged the famous sign, we regrettably started winding our way back south to Bramwell Station en-route to Chilli Beach on the east coast above the Lockhart River.
Three great days later it was back out to the Peninsula Road and south to the Musgrave Roadhouse for a cuppa before we swung into the Lakefield National Park and headed to Hann Crossing for a three night stop t explore the national park. Perfect camping, the odd croc and a curious coastal taipan, made this leg of our journey simply awesome. Splitting the park down the middle Kalpower crossing was a great spt for lunch and another chance to wet the hubs driving over the weir on the Cape Melville track.
Getting close to being back on bitumen was too much to bear and a left took our party across the Battlecamp track to Cooktown. More bush camping a good look around Cooktown had us moving south for lunch at the Lions Den Hotel befor taking on the Bloomfield track bound for Cape Tribulation. Civilization had started to creep back into our lives as we finished our trip heading back to Cairns and eventually back to Brisbane.
To my travelling mates, great trip, great company, spectacular surroundings and something everybody should do at some time in their lives.

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