QLD - Mt Moffatt Easter 2013

Arranged By: Sir Kev
Start Date: 28 Mar 2013
End Date: 31 Mar 2013
Updated: 02 Jun 2012
Attendance: 7


After being questioned by my kids numerous times since our last trip to Mt Moffatt at Easter 2010. I have decided that Easter 2013 would be a good time to revisit this great National Park.

I am looking for a small group (6-10 vehicles max) to join us for the 4 day Easter weekend.

Attendee's will be required to Book their own camping site at The Dargonelly Rock Hole Camping Area through the National Parks booking office. There is access to this site for Caravan's if you take it easy on the trip in. It as a dry weather access road from the enterance of the National Park. In 2010 we took a semi offroad Vicount in there will no trouble although there has been 2 floods since then so road conditions may have changed.

As the area is isolated and a National Park you will need to bring along firewood and be self sufficient. The campground has a long drop toilet and from memory a non potable water supply.

We hope to get there in the afternoon of the 29th March 2013 and we will be heading home on the morning of the 1 April 2013.

I hope to be able to visit some of the areas which we did not get to see last trip due to the kids being to young to walk into some of the sites.

Registration & Attendance (7)


ID ScreenName No. Names Comments
M2537 Sir Kev 1 Due to ill health we will be unable to make it. Unfortunately Health has to come before such a great trip :( I hope those who still go enjoy themselves and don't get rained in :)
M415 Isuzumu 1 With Annie not finishing work untill Thursday 28th it will be impossible for us to get organised and go to Mount Moffatt and then onto the Kimberley, so we will have Easter at home and leave on the 2nd April (we will stopping in Mitchell that night) hope you all have a good time.
M604 Wanganui Wanderers 1 Hi Kev. Judy & I will be there.
V111137 Peter & Dawn M 1 pencil us in have checked re caravan acess all,s good if any thing like other side of park should be worth while . swampy
M6516 Kevin S - Life Member (QLD) 1 We have been wanting to go there since we visited Carnarvon Gorge about 5 years ago, This seems like a great opportunity. Thurs 21st March 2013. Update. We are well planned to attend. We plan to spend next Thursday night at Injune and go in to the park on Friday morning. I have tried to get info on conditinns but the ranger has not returned my call and the office in Roma were a bit vague. Does any one have up to date info on the road in and conditions in the park? There seems to have been a fair bit of rain in the higher country at the back of the park. Kevin Update 22/3/13. The ranger returned my call this afternoon. He said that the road is 2WD quality unless it rains. as 20 mm can renderit unusable, although overnight falls of rain have often dried out by lunch time. He recommends that we check with the Injune Information Centre befors driving in and also said that it often rain over Easter. Cheery news. Kevin
V111120 ken b24 1
V161153 Tom&Jeanine 1 Kev jane and I will be there 23 thru 30 March cu then cheers mate

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