QLD - 8 months on the roads

Arranged By: Tina A
Start Date: 19 Mar 2012
End Date: 19 Nov 2012
Updated: 14 Jan 2012
Attendance: 1


Time for a dirty change so heading to the red dirt. We are a younger grey nomad (52 - 56) couple with an 11 year old grandaughter intending to be on the road 20 March 2012 leaving from Brisbane and returning mid November.

Route Bris - Cania Gorge - Emerald - Longreach - Winton - Mt Isa - Darwin - Down the Red Centre - Across the Nullabor - Up the WA coast - Across to Townsville - Down the Qld coast back to Bne.

Looking at doing Darwin and area whilst still cool rather than in Oct when it will be too hot, although this does mean a bit of backtracking from the 3 ways. Still cool through the centre warming up as we hit the WA coastline.

Approx timeframe. Depart Bne late Mar. Longreach area Apr - Mataranka area May - Darwin area June - Red centre Jul - Bottom WA Aug - Central WA coast line Sep - Accross to Townsville Oct - Arrive back to Bne mid Nov.

Interested in hearing from others who may like to meet up along the road and perhaps travel a leg or two. Our trip will be with Caravan except when we leave in Kununurra for a 10 day round trip around Gibb river rd area. Intend to free camp and use caravan parks maybe 50/50.

Would love to hear from others who have recently done some of these areas to share their high and low points, good and bad areas.

Tina and Dean

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