WA - Pemberton trip

Arranged By: Kylie M
Start Date: 02 Oct 2011
End Date: 06 Oct 2011
Updated: 17 Sep 2011
Attendance: 1


Heading down south for a few days in the first week of the October school holidays. Intending to stay at Warren national park or somewhere similar if there is room. Will be taking a canoe thing to try out on the river, do a spot of fishing and some sight seeing. Any eo members wishing to join us are welcome- either to share the camping experience or even just hook up for a beverage and a barbeque if our paths are crossing. Members who live local to Pemberton may have some additional tips and suggestions for places to visit and things to do and are welcome to drop in and have a chat around the campfire. Weather looking cool and some rain possible - but hey it will be all part of the fun. For footy fans- the grand final will be over by then so no excuses to stay chained to your tv/trannies. Come on- dust off that camping gear and get a lungfull of the great Aussie outdoors. Cheers, doc.

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V65353 Kylie M 1 Arranging Member- ok so its now 28/09 and the weather looks like playing hard ball for next week. I see no one else is keen for an adventure involving freezing your bits off and testing how well your camp equipment floats. However as time off is a very precious commodity in this household, we are still intending to venture out as planned(unless the weather forecast continues to deteriorate and then we will see). It will be definitely byo hot water bottles and beanies. Even if the weather is wet we hope to be able to do some sight seeing, fishing and check out what is on offer for camping for future sorties. As I said before- dust off that camping gear and come with us to get a lungfull of fresh (freezing cold) air- bring a snorkel just in case>

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