VIC - Exploroz BBQ and get together - Newport Lake Park - Newport Victoria

Arranged By: MickO
Start Date: 01 Oct 2011
End Date: 01 Oct 2011
Updated: 25 Aug 2011
Attendance: 8


A chance for a EO members (and a few tragics like me) to get together for a chat over a BBQ. Newport Lake Park has great sheltered picnic facilities with free BBQ’s under two shelters. There is a well equipped playground for the kids or grandies and the park area is dog-friendly so Muttly is welcome as well. There is a nice short walk around the lake for those so inclined and ample parking available. I’ll take a blue tarp and tack that up if the weather is a bit windy.

BYO everything and join us for a meet and greet and a chance to put faces to the member profiles, paw over vehicles and tell travel stories. Kickoff at 11:30 a.m.

The park is very easy to find and only a couple of turns once of the Westgate onto Melbourne Road. Head south (towards Williamstown) two kilometres to Mason Street and turn right. Head west for a kilometre to Margaret Street and turn right again. You've arrived.

37°50'24.77"S 144°52'15.41"E Melways 55G3

Registration & Attendance (8)


ID ScreenName No. Names Comments
M2826 MickO 1 Arranging Member
M2087 MUZBRY- Life member(Vic) 1 Kathy and I will more than likely be there . Ill talk to Little Wes .. Gday Mick So far Kathy has booked me in for three sunday lunches on that day. So I will most likley come and Kathy can go to the other two.......
V3045 Leigh H 1 Good on you Mick, see you around midday.
V160518 Edwards 1 Julie & I will be there knacker bags, Good to see Leigh is coming also, Its been awhile.
V160037 billpr 1 Good Stuff Mick. Cheryle and I are looking forward to catching up. See you there. Cheers Alex.
M2856 Robin Miller 1 Should be able to make it also Mick ( Robin & Anne)
M7367 jellybean 1 hope to join you
V161063 Scooter 1 Plus Julie

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