QLD - Central West QLD Tour 2012

Arranged By: Sir Kev
Start Date: 23 Jun 2012
End Date: 05 Jul 2012
Updated: 19 May 2012
Attendance: 8


We are looking to have a touring trip into CW QLD during the Queensland Winter School holidays aimed at being family friendly, ie short daily drives to new locations as well as being educational for the kids.

Please contact me via Member Message or update you attendance status if still interested as at this stage I only have 1 other confirmed for the trip.

If no one contacts me as per above I will take it that only the one other who has confirmed are coming and will plan the trip that way. It is now 5 weeks till the trip starts and the finer details are required to be finalised.
I will accept confirmation up until the end of May 2012. After that it is a closed trip.

Cheers Kev

Registration & Attendance (8)


ID ScreenName No. Names Comments
M2537 Sir Kev 1 Arranging Member
M415 Isuzumu 1 We're in, we will have to plan the route a bit before hand to make sure it is to every ones approval.
V40811 Rod L (NSW) 1 Hi Kev, Pat & I enjoyed the get together at Penrose Park and at this stage would like to take the Ford Territory for a run to join you in June next. I take it that a 4WD vehicle won't be needed for the route proposed. Regards Rod
V11804 vince57camping 1 We plan to head up to Longreach in NSW hols (leave 30/6). Hope to catch up with you on the way up. Cheers Vince & Noelene
V95944 ianpurdon 1 hi sir kev, we would love to be able to tag along but our kids have decided to shout us a cruise around the south pacific islands for our wedding anniversery around the same time. so we will have to appologise for any inconvenience we caused and hopefully another time,we were looking forward to meeting others with the same interests but again we are sorry and disappointed not to be going.
V24982 AdrianLR 1 Hi Kev and others we met in Innaminka a few years back, long time no speak! Liam and I have been contemplating the last roadtrip whilst he's in Primary School - this may be it. Vic holidays start a week later so we may catch you along the route. Current thinking is drive to Brisbane, catch the Spirit of the Outback train (put the Patrol on Motor Rail) on 3/7 to Longreach then (no order decided yet) Opalton, Muttaburra, Lark Quarry, Lake Dunn + other suggestions for a week or so then head due south back to Melbourne. Was any of the area flood affected? Regards, Adrian
V129862 System Admin 1 i would like to put my hand up for this trip too. tentative at this stage though. just in case the bus isnt up to it. what day are you looking at being in charlleville cause will take a couple of days for me to get there.
V118423 System Admin 1 Will tag until Windorah. Visiting lations on Tanbar Stn.

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