WA - Dwellingup weekend

Arranged By: Kylie M
Start Date: 11 Aug 2011
End Date: 13 Aug 2011
Updated: 23 Jul 2011
Attendance: 4


We are heading to Dwellingup to do a weekend of camping and hopefully fit in some geocashing. Anyone wishing to share the winter weekend getaway please join in. We know it is winter and yes it will be cold - however there is still a heap of fun to be had.We were thinking of staying at the Baden Powell campsite but if anyone has a better suggestion we are all ears. Cheers, doc and co.

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ID ScreenName No. Names Comments
V65353 Kylie M 1 As we get closer to the weekend- the weather is not looking too bad.Even if it is a bit wet it sounds like there is a heap to see and do at Dwellingup including some great 4wd tracks, dams to visit, water courses etc. If the weather does turn nasty - well we may end up at the pub with a counter meal on Sunday.Once again- anyone wanting to get out of the house for a bit- pack your thermos and join us. We will be at the Nanga Mill camp which has caravan access. Hope to be there Friday evening, if not- will be there Sat am. Cheers, doc.
M5296 Member - Morry H (WA) 1 hi we have a dog is the campsite cool for dogs regards morry
V114210 SuperGrover 1 Will see you there with a couple of bags of wood for the campfire
M4636 Member - Serendipity(WA) 1 Hi OzDoc - I am thinking of joining in. Baden Powel is a very shady and damp campsite at this time of year. What about Nanga Mill - some sunny spots and more drained - you can still setup in amongst the pines though.

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