WA - Pilbara to Tasmania

Arranged By: Charlie R
Start Date: 11 Jun 2011
End Date: 06 Jul 2011
Updated: 24 Apr 2011
Attendance: 2


We have decided to travel from west to east and south...... heat to freezing.... planning to leave the Pilbara 12th June and into Mt Gambier on the 15th then Melbourne and catch the boat across the ogen around the 21st for a tour of the island returning approx 8-10 days later then back to the Pilbara.... towing a camper and braving the weather will be half the fun..... Anyone brave enough to join my partner and I for the challenge

Registration & Attendance (2)


ID ScreenName No. Names Comments
V112834 Charlie R 1 Arranging Member
V66753 System Admin 1 Take your winter woolies. and an umbrella. From an ex Tasmanian of seventy years who has seen the light and moved to Queensland !! Have a great trip.

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