WA - Great Central road to Alice

Arranged By: The Uteshed
Start Date: 16 Apr 2011
End Date: 06 May 2011
Updated: 02 Mar 2011
Attendance: 2


Leaving Perth on the 17th and heading for Uluru then a look around the Alice area.
Down to Coober Pedy to Ceduna and onto Esperance before heading back on up to Perth, being home by the 7th May.
Travelling with my 2 Kids aged 8&11 with a Camper Trailer.
Have got Permits.

Registration & Attendance (2)


ID ScreenName No. Names Comments
V29728 The Uteshed 1 i'll be driving a Ford Ranger/camper trailer. Col. will keep an eye out. what vehicle will you be travelling in?. 10/04/2011. Now leaving Perth Monday 18th.
V113304 System Admin 1 Hi we are leaving 20th Apr-3rd May so maybe can catch up along the way. Will be coming back the GCR as kids are in high school.

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