NSW - Brisbane - Silverton

Arranged By: Member - Wim (Qld)
Start Date: 09 Sep 2011
End Date: 17 Sep 2011
Updated: 14 Feb 2011
Attendance: 4


I am putting together the following Pre National Gathering trip and invite those interested to MM me and discuss the trip in details.
Basic itinerary:
Brisbane - Haddon Cnr - Dig tree - 2 night station stay (camp) - bush camp - 2 night station stay (camp) - Silverton.
The intention is to follow firstly the QLD/SA border and then the NSW/SA border from Haddon cnr to Silverton.

Registration & Attendance (4)


ID ScreenName No. Names Comments
M604 Wanganui Wanderers 1 Arranging Member
M3104 Navigator 1 (NSW) 1 Good to meet you today and now looking forward to travelling with you through the outback south to Silverton. We just hope the sun shines and tracks dry out. Rob & Chicka
V41497 ROBERT C1 1 Confirming that we will be travelling with you on the trip to Silverton. Looking forward to meeting up with you and Navigator 1. Rob and Judy.
M3749 Member - Nolo (Brisbane) 1 I'm in and looking forward to it.

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