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Start Date: 21 May 2011
End Date: 12 Jul 2011
Updated: 08 Dec 2010
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As a lone traveller with a light camper trailer I will be travelling alone from Brisbane to Darwin, then doing kakadu, Litchfield etc before travelling to Kununara. Then plan to divert to do Bungles then back to Kununara before departing to do Gibb River Road. After GRR Plan to cross to CSR via either Kidson track or Telfer road (dependant on Company).
After an overnight at well 33 then traverse the Gary Highway to the Gun barrel, Down the David carnegie to the Great Central then back up Sandy Blight Junction to kintore then into Alice Springs.

The plan is to take a leisurly trip, with adequate time to meet the needs of any companions. Due to the forecast heavy and long wet season this year leaving it to a bit later in case roads are not all open.
This is a long trip so may suit retirees. Alternatively others could join for sections. open to negotations on this.

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V109757 Ralph J 1 Hi Alan, I am very interested in your trip, especially the sections beginning with the Kidson Track. I am from Germany and not the owner of a 4WD, so I am only able to join your trip on a petrol share basis. Unfortunately my six week holiday 2011 starts on July the 4th and ends on August the 15th. If there is any possibility, please let me know. BR Ralph
V52740 Ronald W 1 Hi Alan, Count us in for the NT region. We will catch up when you get up this way. Cheers Dave

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