QLD - Lake Boondooma Weekend Away

Arranged By: Sir Kev
Start Date: 18 Nov 2010
End Date: 20 Nov 2010
Updated: 18 Oct 2010
Attendance: 10



I had double booked myself and had a work function I could not get out of. So had to change it to the weekend prior 19 - 21 Nov instead the original dates. All other details are the same though :)

Cheers Kev

Lets get together on the Friday arvo/evening at Lake Boondooma Caravan and Recreational Park on the banks of Lake Boondooma for the weekend.

IsuzuMu should have his new Jimboomba Camper Trailer by then so lets sit back and watch his first effort at setting and packing the Camper hehehe

I have recieved a reply from the park and fee's for unpowered sites are as follows:

Lakeside camping - Bookings not required
(Generators allowed 7am -9pm)
Unpowered Sites - per person /night $8.00
Unpowered Sites - Extra Adult /night $8.00
Unpowered Sites - Extra Child 5-12yo/night $5.50

They don't take bookings for unpowered sites which is all the lakeside camping spots :)

If you want powered sites call them to book a site

Lake Boondooma Camping and Recreation Area
Lake Boondooma Kiosk, PO Box 24, PROSTON Q 4613


The following information and guidelines have been made to ensure that everyone has a relaxing, safe and enjoyable stay. Your co-operation in observing these rules will be greatly appreciated.

Children under 10 years of age must be accompanied by an adult ~ Please keep shower times to a minimum, both for water usage and waiting times for other campers ~ Children must not be allowed to play in or around the amenities blocks ~ No hot water to be taken from the amenities blocks (hot water is available from the Camp Kitchen).

Bush Walk
from Lakeside up to Lookout, Dam Wall and Spillway (past Bunk House and Caravan Park) approximately 4 klms (one way), ask at the Kiosk for directions.

Camp Fires are permitted
Please keep to a sensible size and put out properly when not is use ~ safety is a priority ~ Please do not burn glass or metal items in fires. ~ Firewood is available free of charge for campers.

Camp Kitchen
facility is available for use by all campers ~ please clean after each use.

of trenches and holes (if necessary) ~ Please refill prior to leaving.

of native animals is not permitted, as this will stop them from becoming a nuisance.

are payable on arrival or in advance at the Kiosk.

Lake Boondooma is well stocked with Australian Bass, Yellow Belly and Silver Perch ~ Fishing Permits are required and available at the Kiosk ($7 weekly or $35 yearly, discounts apply for pensioners) ~ take note of legal sizes and bag limits ~ Lures, spinners, bait and more is available at the Kiosk.

Unleaded fuel is available ~ ask at the Kiosk

is to be placed in plastic bags provided ~ Garbage is collected each morning ~ If on your day of departure, you leave after the garbage has been collected, please place your remaining garbage in the rubbish bins provided.

are allowed from 7am to 9pm ~ your co-operation in strictly observing these times is required as a courtesy to fellow campers ~ complaints could lead to a request to leave the park.

has a large range of items to purchase, from your basic needs (bread, groceries, ice-creams) to items such as, fishing tackle, camping gear, lifejackets, souvenirs, gas, ice and much more. Information relating to Lake Boondooma and surrounding areas is also available.

washing machines and dryers are available for use by all campers.

work on vehicles or boats etc is not permitted anywhere in the park.

other campers should not be able to hear any loud noise coming from your site or cabin after 10pm ~ any person causing a disturbance after 10pm may be requested to leave the park.

are welcome at campsites ~ Pets are not allowed inside Cabins (including decks), inside the Bunk House complex, or in any other building ~ Pets are not allowed in the Amenities Blocks ~ Owners are required to control their pets at all times (on a leash) and clean up after them.

limit is strictly 20km and 10km per hour (as sign posted) throughout the park ~ Please adhere to these speed limits ~ All motorised vehicles (cars, bikes, scooters, etc) must be registered and driven by a licensed driver.

is prohibited inside all buildings at the camping and recreation area.

Tennis Court
is free of charge for campers ~ you will require to supply your own tennis gear. (Fees apply for night use)

a charge is made on extra persons staying overnight and campers are responsible for booking their visitors in on arrival.

Water Activities
are enjoyed by boaties, skiers, paddlers and swimmers ~ please obey all water safety rules! Information and brochures can be obtained from the Kiosk.

Park Details

Looking Forward to meeting a few other EO members :)

Registration & Attendance (10)


ID ScreenName No. Names Comments
M2537 Sir Kev 1 Arranging Member
M415 Isuzumu 1 Looking good Kev, we now have members from Club Isuzu coming to, must be around 12 units turning up now, bloody great
V97418 DandE 1 Eileen & I Will see you there.
V66753 System Admin 1 I am a relative "Newbie" but would love to visit that area. Have a Roof Top tent and would also like to take my second best mate, my Bluey!! Hope this is OK ? Charles
V40456 walruz 1
M604 Wanganui Wanderers 1 Judy & I are planning on being there.
V66753 System Admin 1
M4792 Member - Michael P (QLD) 1 Kev then I can tell you all about my trip across the GVD
V27010 beachbum 1 Gooday Kev and lorraine and I have checked our calendar and will see you there.Only got back to home about an hour ago but enjoyed yesterday. Our youngest picks up his van next Friday and may possably also attend. Regards Ray W.
V80848 teza 1 Lorraine and I have just given ourselves an RDO so will see you on Friday. Cheers Terry

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