WA - Canning Stock Route

Arranged By: Greg R
Start Date: 15 Jul 2011
End Date: 02 Aug 2011
Updated: 11 Jun 2011
Attendance: 11


Anyone interested in a south to north drive up the CSR, departing Wiluna on approx Saturday July 16 2011, for around 2.5 - 3 weeks to Billliluna. We'll be driving across from Melbourne.

Update 11/06/2011: This trip is full.

Registration & Attendance (11)


ID ScreenName No. Names Comments
V81812 Greg R 1 Arranging Member
M6143 Peter R( Dubbo) 1
M366 Life Member Dick B 1 Yes, interested. Driving from Newcastle
M1404 Life Member - Talawana 1 Yes very interested driving from Anakie Victoria
M3295 DBN05 (lyrup sa) 1 yes interested, driving from tasmania, did the north to south in 2008
M6027 Flighty ( WA ) 1 I along with 7 x other companions will be starting on 11/7/11 would like to catch up and meet other members would be be good to keep in touch with yourself and other's around at that time if possible
V86828 *Rusty* 1 Yes very interested if still any free spots. 2xAdults residing in Kalgoorlie WA.
M6392 Member - Helmut H (WA) 1 I like to register my interest in the CSR- trip 16.07.2011. Driving from Perth.
M3323 Member - Ed K (NSW) 1 Very keen, Ihave been planning the trip but other trippers have pulled out. Two fellows . Maybe Paul F can accommodate 1 extra truck if Russler is unable to fit us in.
V117207 Andrew B3 1 Travelling 2 weeks earlier solo with family - good setup but after security of other vehicles - anyone flexible with departure date?
V68189 Oznative 1 I am interested. I live in Melbourne and plan to take a Bushtracker Caravan to Newman in early July and then to do the CSR and return to Newman to pick up the van and spend some additional time in WA. If you have space, let me know. Ross Webster

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