ACT - trip to cooper creek ferry

Start Date: 10 Oct 2010
End Date: 19 Oct 2010
Updated: 07 Nov 2010
Attendance: 1


post the long weekend and school holidays I was thinking of doing a quick run from Canberra to Birdsville to come down the BV track and experience the cooper creek ferry while its in operation.
looking at road conditions should be able to go via tibbo, warri gate, santos, nappa merrie, atturbury , cordillo into Birdsville. a rest day at birdsville than down the track to the ferry then onto maree before heading home via Broken Hill and Menindee lakes,
while i have done this in the past in as little as 6 days I am anticipating 8-9 this time
As SHMBO is unable to attend having used up her LSL for the EO gathering and our subseqent Canning and Kimberley trip it will be a swag trip this time
if anyone is interested in tagging along or even occupying the navigators seat let me know.dates are slightly variable.

Update 9/10- trip cancelled due to road closures ( flooded yet again)

Update- finally got across on the ferry 21October

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