VIC - Melbourne National 4WD and offroad and fishing show

Arranged By: Bonz (Vic)
Start Date: 04 Sep 2010
End Date: 04 Sep 2010
Updated: 30 Aug 2010
Attendance: 5


Hi All, we are trekking to the National 4WD and Fishing show at the Showgrounds at Melbourne, anyone else going along? It runs Fri thru Sunday and we will be there on Sunday.

Discounted tickets are available via EO!

Anyways let us know and maybe we can arrange a meet and greet in Sunday, I will provide the EO stickers for all eager meeters.

Bonz and HBH (aka Minister for War and Finance)

Registration & Attendance (5)


ID ScreenName No. Names Comments
M579 Bonz (Vic) 1 Arranging Member
M2856 Robin Miller 1 Will be there sunday morning from 9am with handheld on channel 15 callsign "363"
M2826 MickO 1 Won't be there till 11ish Bonz with the Pocket Rocket and the young bloke. I'll take a handheld as well lol.
V94124 System Admin 1 Heading down on the Friday have to work sat & sun
M2546 Member -Toonfish 1 hangover depending i should be there sunday round 11 and i have some cheap tickets already.

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