VIC - Victorian 4WD Show

Arranged By: Crazie
Start Date: 19 Feb 2005
End Date: 19 Feb 2005
Updated: 27 Jan 2005
Attendance: 14


The Victorian 4WD show is on. Sunday 20th February 2005, 9.30am till 4.oopm. It is held at Wandin Park, Victoria road, Wandin. Just past Lilydale, Melways 119, G7. Entry is $10, kids under 16 are free.

I have never been there, so open to suggestions of where
and when to meet.

The Yellow Landrovers club tent, seems to be a popular choice for meeting. How does 11am suit everyone
More info

Registration & Attendance (14)


ID ScreenName No. Names Comments
V160643 Wanda 1 Arranging Member
M833 The Original JohnR (Vic) 1 Probably mate, I have talked with Bonz about it. Looks like he is on a mission to buy..... Have to take a tandem trailer with stock crate then ;-)
V160105 Rock 'n' Rolla 1 Me me me me, if you want to come down John with me we'll head down Satdy arvo/night, camp with Mum and Dad and shoot off from Geelong about 0730ish
V8208 GaryInOz (Vic) 1 Should be there on the day, if not staying the Sat night. I will be there with the Zook club and Vickrawlers.
V5783 Truckster (Vic) 1 as long as its not 40+ like last yr...
V9124 Al 1 Hi Crazie, we could be starters, as long as it's not as hot as last year. Lyn
V25022 Nick K 1 Count me, the wife and kids in. She might not be happy but I will. As per the Al's and Trucky if it's 40 + forget it but enything less and were in.
V160568 Colin 1 Could be a starter, as long as know fishing trips are planned for that weekend, I havn't been to the wandin one before but have herd good reports. Browny
V16380 System Admin 1 yep i'm in .. and like Lyn i hope it's a little cooler than lasy year .
V160241 seajac 1 There may be a thing or 2 I might need lol
V22373 GazzaS 1 Yes I will be there
V12854 jim(vic) 1 I'll be there
V160329 Ian 1 I'd say that Andrew would love to have any excuse to spend more money on the cruiser!!! I'll just come to say hi to all you guys!! Jen
V24982 AdrianLR 1 I'll be there

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