QLD - Anne Beadell and others

Arranged By: DandK
Start Date: 01 Jul 2010
End Date: 03 Aug 2010
Updated: 09 May 2010
Attendance: 2


Meet at Coober Pedy - Anne Beadell - Neale Junction - Connie Sue - David Carnegie Rd - Eagle H'way - Talawana Track - Newman - Marble Bar - Kunawarritji - Gary Junction Rd - Alice Springs.

We will be travelling from Malanda, departing 27 June, if possible through Hungerford and then via, depending on what's available to Coober Pedy.

Registration & Attendance (2)


ID ScreenName No. Names Comments
V61554 DandK 1 Arranging Member
M2825 Member - reggy 2 (VIC) 1 Hi there I am interested in your trip I have been CSR, SIMP,HAY RIVER,and self supportive. Could I have a bit more info on trip r u stopping RUDALL N/P,the permits will be annebea and Gary rd,2 states this is correct ?.my email cliffyj05@y7mail.com. cheers Cliff.

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