NSW - 2011 National Gathering---Silverton

Arranged By: Dave B ( ADL)
Start Date: 18 Sep 2011
End Date: 22 Sep 2011
Updated: 05 Sep 2011
Attendance: 62


Penrose Park Silverton

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-31.882994° 141.232654°

Just a reminder all of you who are coming to the gathering at Silverton.
There is no fuel available in Silverton.

There are a couple of trips organised, and it will be a good idea to have your tanks topped up in case you want to go on these trips.

There are a few arriving a few days early, so if you are arriving before Sunday, have a look around for familiar faces or the EO badges.

I have also got plenty of fantastic raffle prizes from some very generous sponsors.

To all of you inveterate travellers coming to Silverton for the National Gathering.

While you have internet access, if you hover you mouse over the word Silverton in this post, (see the Forum,) it will open up a little box with Silverton on it. Go to Driving Directions on the bottom line and it will open up another window with a lot more info on it.
Included there is also the Distance it is from your home address to Silverton.

Write that distance down and if you have the furthest point from Silverton, you will win a great prize.
And the one that comes closest to half of the winners distance will also get a great prize.
I have got a prize list longer than your arm.

It looks like the weather will be favourable with no fire bans, so we will be able to have a good campfire.
One thing though, there isn't a lot of wood around, so if your able to pick up a bit of wood on your way, it wood be warmly received.

I will probably be there Saturday 17th and set up the EO banner.
I bought an e-flare from the EO shop and will have that flashing, so come and say G'day.

Many EO members have been here before and enjoyed the experience of a bush camp type park.
There is plenty of room, some powered sites, showers and toilets and a laundry.
Fire bans excepted, a camp fire is OK.

If you HAVE to have a powered site, there are limited power points. There are no numbered sites like in a normal Caravan Park, it is a bush type park and you park wherever you like. Take a good length of power cable with you just in case you cant get too close to an outlet.

Please ring the Penrose Park on 08 8088 5307 if you need a powered site.

If you are self sufficient in power with you own solar or generator, you don't have to book a place, there will be plenty of room.

Recently, a few cabins were added, and there is also bunkhouse accommodation.
Silverton is about 20 mins. from Broken Hill.
Some finer details of the gathering are still being worked on, and will be updated as they become available.

Mobile reception is patchy at Silverton, so you may or may not have reception where you campsite is.
Some phones can get reception from the park and others can't.

Couple this trip up with a Darling River Run or a trip to the Corner Country or even the Flinders Ranges and experience a bit of the outback.

Broken Hill Information

Penrose Park

Corner Country

Darling River

Flinders Ranges

Come and have a great time.

...........Win a prize..........
If you are coming to the gathering in Silverton, there will be a good prize for the people who come from the furthest point.
This will be calculated with the facility in the Places tab on the webpage.
Go to Places/Directions and your home address will come up and then put in Silverton NSW and then Create Route.
You can plan your whole trip in there, putting in as many locations as you want to visit on your way.
But to win the prize, we will use the facility to put in your suburb or town as the start point, and Silverton NSW as the destination.
You will see that it gives a route and the total Kilometres.
Now if you think that you might not win a prize because you are only a day's drive from Silverton, there will be a prize for the closest to halfway of the winner.
So, if the winner has come 1780 Kms, whoever is closest to 890 Kms will also get a prize.

I have been out and about lately, teeing up a few things for the upcoming gathering at Silverton.
I have had promises of some really good raffle prizes from some of the locals.
There will be some big smiles if you win one of these prizes I can assure you.
If there are any other offers of raffle prizes out there, I would be glad to hear from you.

Also, one of the local artists has said he would come along for a while and give a few hints to those of you who like to do some sketching or painting on your travels.
We have many artists and galleries around the area, so those of you who want to get a bit of tuition, bring along your materials.


As far as food supplies are concerned, there will be basic items like bread, ice and some drinks available at the office at Penrose Park. There is a hotel not far away for some bottles amd cans.
There is no fuel available at Silverton.

Still working on a few other things to see and participate in, so I will update the details as they come to hand.

Another update for all of you who are coming to the Gathering at Silverton in a few weeks time.
There are a few tennis courts there at Penrose Park that we can use if we like a bit of exercise. They are not championship quality, but if you like a hit and giggle, they are for you.
There has also been a new cycle track opened up, and that follows the hisoric walking trail around Silverton. It is more for mountain type bikes because of the surface of the track. So load your bikes up next to your tennis raquets.
Geez, I am getting puffed out just thinking about it.

See you at Silverton

Registration & Attendance (62)


ID ScreenName No. Names Comments
M2990 Dave B ( ADL) 1 Arranging Member
M3104 Navigator 1 (NSW) 1 Well done Dave on putting your hand up for the 2011 gathering. We will be there. Rob&Chicka
M2537 Sir Kev 1 We will be there :) Give me a holler if you want me to assist :)
M2654 Member - John T (Tamworth NSW) 1 Dave and others attending, sorry but we won't be able to attend as first planned - bought a new (old) home and she needs lots of TLC so that's where the $$ will be going this year. Anyone wants to come via Tamworth and grab the horseshoes???
V88773 Mike W1 1 Doh Ill be at a shutdown for the week in Broken hill, I should be able to come out and say hi and stay a night
V94340 dola dave 1 It's a great camp site, we've stayed there several times. My question is, we only drive a VW T5, would we be welcome?
V13550 Clipper 811 1 Count us in please!
V31894 cuffs (SA) 1 Been a while since I went pig shooting back in the 70's & travelled that country, if dogs allowed we could be there, another visit to Innaminka & Longreach could do the trick.
V72366 System Admin 1 did some one say they needed a HECKLER???
M2087 MUZBRY- Life member(Vic) 1 I would like to come as well. So it will be Little Wes and I at the moment .
V61677 Hairs 1 Would love to be there, We're are planning a trip there & then down to Adelaide, Great ocean Road and back up the inland way home. Starting to put our pennies away.
M2826 MickO 1 I am planning a trip around it. Look forward to catching up.
M4006 Member - Jeff O (VIC) 1 All being well I will be there.It's one of my favorite places
V160463 kevin 1 Count me & the desperates as attending
V53042 Ross S 1 Hopefully we won't break the truck again so close to the time and will be there for this.
V37825 Mikee5 1 Good Onya Dave. We are looking forward to it.
M604 Wanganui Wanderers 1 At this stage its a yes.
V87634 Cozzie 1 Pencil us in Dave just love that part of the country, have they got a Caretaker yet?
V78422 brian p 1 Would love to come. It will be a first for Me and Sharron. Looking forward to meeting you all.
V80743 Kiwi and Grenade 1 Hey Dave....all depends on whether we are up at the Cape or on our way back or haven't made it there and can come etc....lol....sounds like a great time will be had....so if we do make it....there'll be myself and Nath plus the 4 munchkins....
V11957 Poppy 1 Really enjoyed the St George gathering so at this stage count us in Regards, Ray & Justene
M4783 aussiedingo (River Rina) 1 I am hoping to be there to put faces to names!
M4694 Member - Marcus T (VIC) 1 All packed up and ready to go; should dept about midday Sun and see you lunch Mon.
V103843 CraigFox 1 We will be hoping to make it to our first gathering with the family. Leah, Myself and 3 kids. It will be great to put faces to all the names.
M3830 Member - evren1 (WA) 1 we'll be there !
V81173 henpecked 1 All being well, we will be there as "first timers".. Ted & Chris
M4490 Life Member - esarby (NSW) 1 Yes I will be there. Dave. Raffles, Raffles, Raffles YEPEEEEEEEEEE.
M3344 Member - RFLundgren (TAS) 1 All going well we will definitely be there. Tracy & I and probably 2 of the kids & one of their friends.
V40811 Rod L (NSW) 1 Have been a member for some time- this will be ouir first get together. Will be bringing Ron & Heather Sterland with me
V159950 Newby 1 Margaret and I are in at this stage
V28835 Cruiserboxer 1 Just come back from up there. Count us in. Any excuse to get back up thee again.
V111120 ken b24 1 keep a spot open for my wife margaret,and i please dave
V65823 F Goerke - NSW 1 Looking forward to putting some faces to names.....I think :-)))) Should see mine LOL
V10130 Richard 1 Definitely attending. Dave has asked me to do a session on Photography. See thread No 87395.
V111137 Peter & Dawn M 1 pencil dawn & myself in as first timers where last out there in 1986 looking forward to see it again . swampy
M3496 baznpud 1 Hope to be there for the first three days, just the two of us, regards to Nora, cheers Dave.
V49842 CLC50 (QLD ) 1 Count me in
V160276 Borgy05 1 Dave will have to pull out for health reasons, just received adverse angiogram results and awaiting phone call. Still there's always next year.
V108206 ajvanwyk 1 Count the clan in... sounds awesome !!!
V56080 longey 1 Hi there me & my partner will like to come .count us in
V160105 Rock 'n' Rolla 1 Hi Dave, be good to catch up again
V161153 Tom&Jeanine 1 see you there
V161076 bobby dazzler 1 Count us in, it'll be great catching up with everyone again. We've been travelling OZ full time since the gathering at St George and have to return to Melb for our youngest's wedding early Sept. so it's perfect timing for us; love Silverton.
M2762 Fiona & Paul 1 G'day Dave without any pressure SWMBO has put these dates on the calendar and we will be there for sure.
M4027 Member - Scrubby (VIC) 1 Providing the "Old Girl" holds together (vehicle that is) I will be there via Cape York.
V55273 bill j 1 Hopefully we will be there
M5721 Greg and Jackie (WA) 1 We will make all efforts to make it from Serpentine WA. Hopefully us westerners are also welcome in our CT. Greg and Jackie PS: We have made our plans to be there. Then going to Baradine for the Camper Trailer event.
V24934 wholehog 1 We leave Brisbane for 2 months end of July, across the centre to W.A coast, then a zig zag along the coast back home, should be B/H Silverton in time for the gathering. Did CSR last year and missed the Wiluna gathering by 2 days.. :o(
M3742 Member - Murray R (VIC) 1 Add a few more from down south, Betty and I will be there
V106616 Sue L5 1 We would love to attend just back from 6 month trip have a few minor repairs to be done but should be good by then
V119742 Warwick D 1
V74649 toyocrusa 1 Hi. Not too sure about the Trips/Gatherings Terms of Use as it brings up how to travel with todlers. Anyway, provided it is OK to travel there with Cockatiels wife and I would like to attend. Look forward to putting some faces to forum names. Bob
M257 Ozhumvee 1 Hope to attend on the way back home from the west
V41497 ROBERT C1 1 Judy and I will be there
V105614 Outback Al 1 Travelling with MickO from Melbourne.
M3749 Member - Nolo (Brisbane) 1 I'll be there.
M2546 Member -Toonfish 1 the family and i will be there monday morning or e sunday at this stage looking forward tocatching up wih all !
M7284 Member Andys Adventures 1 First time to a gathering and looking forward to it. And a great way to break in a new setup
M5237 Member - Ben S (QLD) 1
V30891 Michael J ( 1 Looks like I have managed to wrangle a quick trip..count me in Dave.
V16772 fourplayfull 1 Will be arriving Sun night or Mon with camper trailer & Mick O mob. Looking forward to meeting some new faces, thanks to your effort. John & Suzette
M4242 Member - Mark W (NSW) 1 Karen & I will be there. Looking forward to our first gathering.

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