WA - Bus Muster

Arranged By: Noldi (WA)
Start Date: 19 Feb 2010
End Date: 20 Feb 2010
Updated: 04 Feb 2010
Attendance: 2


Were organising (and I use the term loosely) the inaugural WA BUS MUSTER for all the budding (and those with experience) bus builders like ourselves.

a) The objective is to share ideas, solutions, thoughts and generally chew the fat

b) Have a relaxing weekend away with good company nice food and the odd amber ale.

It will be on the weekend of the 20th and 21st of Feb and at this stage were investigating caravan parks within 2 hours of Perth and close to the water (will probably still be warm, and provide fishing opportunities).

The plan is for a communal Bar B T on the Saturday night. I would imagine (and will confirm) there are limited supplies hence you need to take your food and drink essentials.

We will have more details (location, phone number, facilities etc.) of the caravan park shortly, I suspect it will be around the thirty dollar/night mark.

If your beast not on the road yet, why drive down for lunch on the Saturday and bring some photo's it'll be a great opportunity to raise the motivation levels.

If your interested let me know here or email and I'll keep you informed
Hi All, 16 sleeps to go,
I spent last weekend at Club Capricorn, to reconnoitre the situation, for the Muster, (It was tough, wine, seafood, sunshine but someone had to do it). The facilities are clean but a little old, Its not up to a big 4 standard but quite serviceable, there are some sites that have shade but not all. There is a kiosk on site and IGA at Yanchep (around 2 k away) The beach is around 400m away and the pool 500m. There are several tennis courts and a put put golf (Byo balls and putter). We found it quiet of a night. All in all a good location as it is very close to Perth.

You need to book, details below, $26/night or $23 if staying more than 1 night. I have a map if you want to email me ianedwards56@gmail.com basically its straight along Marmion Ave to the large roundabout at the end, turn left, turn right at the T intersection and its on your left around 1.5 along.
You also need to bring along a $20 note which is the Loo/Shower key deposit which you get back on checkout.
Once you have booked can you let me know an approximate arrival time and I’ll keep an eye out for you.
I’m going on the Friday but know that’s not suitable for everyone.

Really looking forward to this as I’m sure there’s some great ideas out there.

Two Rocks Road
Western Australia

tel +61 8 9561 1106


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V47079 Noldi (WA) 1 Arranging Member
M4047 Member - Alan John C (WA) 1

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