ACT - Anne Beadell , EO gathering Wiluna ,Canning Stock Route

Start Date: 21 Jun 2010
End Date: 17 Aug 2010
Updated: 02 May 2010
Attendance: 8


Update 2/5/10- It looks as if both legs of trip ie anne beadell and csr have about 5-6 vehicles interested.Most af Anne beadell party already have permits back.
Will close off for now until I check back with each party who has expressed interest and discuss timelines/permits/fuel etc before confirming final numbers.
will try to get into contact this week as I want to get my fuel order for well 23 drop in next week

OK we are planning to attend EO gathering in Wiluna next year.
we will be departing ACT on 18 June
at this stage I propose to leave Coober Pedy on 22 June and travel west via Anne Beadell to Laverton then onto Wiluna for EO gathering on 28th
Intend to travel Canning south to north post the gathering then onto Broome and the Kimberly. SHMBO will fly home from somewhere to return to work mid August.
Itinerary is flexible
anyone interested in travelling with us on any /all parts of this trip is invited to register

While I am not proposing to take my camper trailer on this trip that doesnt preclude anyone with a trailer partaking in the trip.


Registration & Attendance (8)


ID ScreenName No. Names Comments
V159950 Newby 1 Arranging Member
M1017 Member - Jiarna (NT) 1 I am interested in joining you at the Gathering in Wiluna, then going up the CSR as far as the Gary Junction Road.
V57281 System Admin 1 Hi Howard. Heading to Wiluna too. I arrive Bris. end of May. Intend going Simpson then onto Wiluna. I appears as though Eyre Creek will be out as will be the Warburton again, Birdsville looks doubtfull Strz hard to say, looks like it might be the long way to get there. Plans now upgrade shocks then hit Coopers Creek before the flood. Be great to be there to photo video the water arrive. Should still make Coober Pedy in time. I will run out of Macca's out the road a bit, so communications will be by HF UHF cellphone, check my member's for # Should meet up @ Cooper Pedy?. I hope to do the CSR as well but intend going onto Wyndham and Gibb River Road and back through Talawana, Gary Junction.
M4006 Member - Jeff O (VIC) 1 G'day Howard.I will be in Coober Pedy around June 22 departing June 23 for Wiluna via Anne Beadell. Three blokes in one vehicle.Will have a firmer itinerary closer to June. We might catch you in Coober Pedy.-- We are now Travelling with Scrubcat.4 blokes in 2 vehicles
M2856 Robin Miller 1 Hi Howard We only have 2 weeks for the Canning but will head up and then go round to Alice springs via Tanimi , might cross Simpson on way back if have time- Fuel dump idea good - adding comment here because member message system seems to be playing up for me.
V10130 Richard 1 As discussed Steve B and myself will join you at Coober Pedy on 21 June 2010 for the trip across the Anne Beadell to Wiluna.
V86655 System Admin 1 Howard. After the gathering have allowed 3 weeks for the CSR and expect it to take that long. After that itinerary is very open. Likely Wyndham then work back around to NT and then back to NSW. Maybe a Simpson crossing on way home.
V98401 Roger N1 1 Hi Howard, I will be attending the gathering at Wiluna and would like to join your group to do the CSR.

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