QLD - Chinchilla Melon Festival 2011

Arranged By: Sir Kev
Start Date: 16 Feb 2011
End Date: 19 Feb 2011
Updated: 29 Jan 2011
Attendance: 13


This Gathering is work in Progress.

Those attending are recommended to try and book camping spots at the Chinchilla Show Grounds

Mention the EO gathering and they will group members if they wish to quote EO when booking. Powered & watered sites are getting a bit hard for them to provide.
The rodeo is also being held there on Friday Night :)

•Chinchilla Showgrounds - email chinchillashowsociety@hotmail.com or phone (07) 4668 9440
?Located at 2 Zeller St
?Tent site (no power) - $10 per person per night
?Van site (powered) - $25 per van per night for two people - kids under 12 free. Extra people $10 per person per night.

Those who wish to attend and not camp, the Cypress Pines Caravan Park has a heap of cabins available as the bookings for the cabins have been cancelled by the contractors who work in the Gas and coal fields :)

They expect the contractors not to return for up to 3 months :(

All Motels etc are booked solid for the Melon Festival.

Details so far are:

If you've never seen anyone split open 40 watermelons in 60 seconds using nothing but, well... their own melon, you should probably come to the Chinchilla Melon Festival for one heck of a good laugh.

EO Member Mark G has been nominated in the Melon Busting competition as he has the biggest and ugliest Melon that I know of ;)

Chinchilla has free powered camping at the Chinchilla weir 10km from the town. I will check this out for the Camping for the gathering to be there. It has flushing toilets and is close to the water.

Details of the past festivals are found here :))

More Details to follow as I go

I have just visited EO Member Mark G (New Years Eve) and have arranged for him to have a practice run busting a watermelon ;) EO Member Hairs will be forwarding a photo of the attempt (when he is sober enough to function again ;)

Mark G's first training run hehehehehehehehe 1 - Nil to the Melons

Stay tuned for more updates ONLY 2 months to go hehehehe

Cheers Kev

Registration & Attendance (13)


ID ScreenName No. Names Comments
M2537 Sir Kev 1 A Chinchilla local who has to work for 2 days of the Festival :(
V32193 extfilm 1 OK Kev........ I will pencil it in...... It sure does look like an exciting event
V92527 System Admin 1 one of the more light hearted trips....pencil me and the family in
M4490 Life Member - esarby (NSW) 1 I'll be there, as long as there are plenty of Raffles :-)))))))))
M4792 Member - Michael P (QLD) 1 Why not sounds like good fun.
V111120 ken b24 1 sounds like a fun time,margaret and i would love to come. we have a large first aid kit, if that would come in handy
V109201 System Admin 1 Think this might be the start of a beautiful adventure for my 'Minister for Finance' and I....... :)
V102261 System Admin 1 I should be in this area at this time ,so it would be good to catch up with & meet new people.
V49842 CLC50 (QLD ) 1 Well I am in with friend ,sounds Like a lot of Fun
V94169 MickGU4.2 1 Count us in Kev & might bring some mates
V14187 System Admin 1 Would love to come but will only know at the last minute. Fingers crossed ;-) Yay. We'll be there Friday afternoon :)
V48338 scandal 1 Yep, will be there, big boss has to approve leave but shouldn't be a problem
V161153 Tom&Jeanine 1 locked in and ready 2 roll

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