SA - S.A. Gathering and Fun Weekend

Arranged By: Glenn P3
Start Date: 04 Feb 2010
End Date: 07 Feb 2010
Updated: 15 Dec 2009
Attendance: 15


I am organizing a gathering to be held February 5th – 6th – 7th – 8th 2010. Camping will be on our property 2klm’s out of Berri S.A. this is on a back water that is suited to swimming and canoeing etc. Anyone attending can stay for 1, 2, 3 or total of the 4 days.

I am intending on leading a trip on the Saturday through Loveday Adventure Park which will incur a cost of $40.00 for the day’s use of tracks. Sunday would see us doing a run down through some of Big Desert Wilderness Park. Friday and Monday will be mainly used for setting up and packing with tracks on the property being available for your use.

If you have look at
you will see the area we will be camped on. (don’t take any notice of the guy raving on), area also has some sandy climbs

BYO everything, Tents, Campers, Caravans are fine, toilet/shower tents can be erected but no toilets are available onsite.

PS. Even though it may be warm, it’s always cool here with nice breezes across the lake.


Some of the Riverland Club Members may be joining us for the Saturday Feb the 5th trip out through Loveday Adventure Park and also for a BBQ that night. Please put your name down or contact me on by mid Jan 2010 .

Cheers Glenn

Registration & Attendance (15)


ID ScreenName No. Names Comments
V13029 Glenn P3 1 Arranging Member
V19219 time waster 1 Hi Blaze, yes put us down with the two kids for the weekend sounds great Christian
V12522 System Admin 1 You can put Barb and myself down at this stage thanks mate...
V44121 Tankman 1 Count me in.
V83557 Littleborgy 1 Bianca & I with our 3 kids should be able to make it, sounds like a good weekend
V107509 System Admin 1 We'll be starters if the temperature has cooled down by then. I'm getting old and it's no longer fun to camp in temps over about 46 degrees or when it's raining.......
V160371 Kevin W 1 Yep - can count us as probable starters
M294 The Hob 1 Maybe. Can't give an answer until I see what the weather is doing
V54488 Scoey4 1 Saturday only at this stage.
V59480 Pesty SA 1 Yeh i recon i mighjt be able to make it, will have to check 4wd club calender first. Might even have to check it out beforehand !!! LOL
V95124 Stuart SA 1 Hi, we are new to this site and we would like to join your trip
V44787 System Admin 1 Three more from Friday till Sunday
M1780 Stephen L (Clare) SA 1 How slack of me not putting my name down. We will be there Friday Afternoon.
V71437 System Admin 1 We are planning to be there.
V70492 System Admin 1 I'll try and make it. Have to see what happens yet

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