QLD - Hay River Track

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Start Date: 15 Jun 2010
End Date: 25 Jul 2010
Updated: 06 May 2010
Attendance: 9


Due to the news that Cooktown Shire published on their website last month saying that Cape York roads will be closed indefinately, we had to change our travel plans.
We are now going to The Hay River Track north through The Simpson then going to Lawn Hill, Kingfisher Camp, Burketown, then south to Burke and Wills Roadhouse, Canarvon National Park, Fraser Island and then home.

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V27982 System Admin 1 Arranging Member
V72472 Geoff H (Q 1 Hi Voxson, I'm planning a trip to the cape next year with my Brother in Law and would be interested in catching up with you at some stage of the trip. We are leaving early July so hope to cross paths with you somewhere. Regards Geoff
V19219 time waster 1 Hi Voxson, we are heading up to the cape also next year around that time if our dates match up would be good meet up. Cheers Christian
M3059 SloPokin 1 Hi Voxson, We are planning our first trip to the Cape around that time next year. Currently it's a 6 week round trip Sydney to Sydney with 4 weeks north of Cairns. We will be travelling with a CT and Tinnie. If we can co-ordinate dates it would be great to travel with people who know the area and enjoy the company. Regards John
V69110 Christopher 1 1 Gday Voxson i was wondering if that huck of junk Toyota needed a parking spot in my drive for a while about mid trip so you can catch your breath.. hahahah you should bring Sandy.. I am a rough chance to tag along for a bit as i will be back from the Cape 14-15 June.. cheers Towie.... love ya lots..
V36143 Derek B4 1 I plan to be there too around the first 2 weeks of July, please email me more info.
M2284 Bigmac 1 I will be up that way around that time with 2 other families so might catch up. Cheers Scoot.
M6 ExplorOz Team - Adele 1 test
V53621 REV'S 1 Hi Voxson, Mary Anne & I are planning to travel to the Cape this year. We would be interested in joining your convoy if there's a spot. We are experienced outback travellers and drive a 70series trayback landcruiser with slideon camper. We have been to the Cape once before in 98, time to revisit. We will be attending the Australian 4x4 gathering at Pomonia Qld 11-15 June leaving ample time to catch in Cairns. looking forward to your reply. Regards Rev's

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