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Start Date: 01 Apr 2010
End Date: 08 Apr 2010
Updated: 10 Mar 2010
Attendance: 10


I'am trying to organise for a gathering to be held at Easter 2010. I would like to have a look at Levuka rainforest recreation 4x4 park situated near Woodenbong approx 150 klm from Brisbane on the Mt Lindsay highway.
On Easter Fri and Sun they organise entertainment (last year it was a Tamworth Finalist) to play for the campers.At this park they have hot showers,flushing toilets,lush grassed camp areas and some 4x4 tracks ranging from easy to more challenging ones( all inclusive of the camping fees).Also they have rainforest walks and more than enough room for the kids to ride their push bikes to their hearts content.
Levuka 4x4 park

This is a pay to camp park which goes on a "per vehicle" a night basis. The cost from what i understand is about $200 for the week stay, which is on par with most other pay to stay areas.I will find out more in the next few months as to exact costs as the owner was sick with the flu and had to retire to bed b4 i left.
So in saying this i am seeking expressions of interest from you guys to numbers for this trip as i need to have numbers in to the park a couple of months b4 Easter so they can reserve sites for us.
I did a drive around this place and it really suits the family with young kids who will have a ball here, not to mention the adults who will absolutely enjoy the peace and quiet of the place.


i have been in contact with the owners (Clarke's) and they inform me that they will be supplying the entertainment on Easter Fri ans Sun.the entertainers will be a group of girls who come from Toowoomba to sing for us and a young guy on the other night.
the cost will be $200 for the easter break (per vehicle) and the cost of the toilet/showers,entertainment,fire wood supplied,campsite is inclusive.
due to a change in their insurance company this year they plan to organise a night 4wd/orientation course for those who wish to participate.
they also wanted me to inform the ones who are coming that they DO NOT have eftpos facilities at Levuka so cash only.
on this property they have a large dam stocked with fish for the fisherman/women amongst us and they welcome anyone who has canoes to bring them along( they have asked me to tell people if you are going to use Lake Levuka that life jackets MUST be worn)
the owners will be emailing me more info as it comes to hand for this trip,so i will keep you informed....so watch this space,cheers.
also for reservation of campsite we need to have definate numbers by a couple of weeks b4 the trip/gathering.Levuka has recycle bins for cans and bottles ( the monies raised from these goes towards the rescue helicopter) and all other rubbish is taken away by ourselves to reduce the camping cost incurred by the local council.
Woodenbong is just 14 k's away for the usual supplies ;-) LOOK HERE
good friday night, concert all girl C&W Concert singers Left of centre.
Saturday night organised night run Weather Permitting
SUNDAY NIGHT CONCERT, C& W singer James Andressen from Toowoomba
UPDATE 10/03/2010.
i will be going up to Levuka this weekend to do a recon again and grab any last minute details from the owners.Iwill post any other info on here if need be,cheers.
PS..........also campers are advised to take their own toilet paper for the toilets please :-)

Registration & Attendance (10)


ID ScreenName No. Names Comments
V72366 System Admin 1 Stefan Pryor i will be there if i still have my licence :-(
M2463 Matt(WA) 1 Sorry Mate, Will have to count us out as I can get out of work commitments. have a good one.
V61677 Hairs 1 We'll be there. Looking forward to a quiet Easter after the last two or three years. I've heard really good reports about the place. Can't wait.
V161583 The Channo's 1
M1458 Dave(NSW) 1 Yeah Mark we'll be there, Should have something worked out by then. Should arrive Saturday about noon.
V86438 Mollydook 1 Count us in, easy trek from home!!!
M604 Wanganui Wanderers 1 Mark. Confirming two couples with two campers Please pencil Judy & I in. Friends would also like to attend. One additional couple & camper.
V14187 System Admin 1 Think we can make it.. Will be there on Friday Morning ;-)))
V98312 System Admin 1 Looking forward to it guys! This park is excellent!
V79324 Rob Mac 1 Got the ute back yesterday so can go away this weekend

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