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Arranged By: Zukscooter
Start Date: 04 Apr 2009
End Date: 04 Apr 2009
Updated: 11 Mar 2009
Attendance: 4


Fellow Forumites i am trying to get a gathering together to go down/up to the Rathdowney Heritage Festival on the above date or if you like you can arrive on the Saturday the 4th maybe camp in the Caravan Park (not in Showground) if there is room or just make it a gathering for the one day.
The motive for this venue is that they need some rope pulling teems(Tug-of-war) Lol.Either male or female or both & we are in need of six per team.I need to know as soon as possible of those who would like to attend for the t-o-war so the organiser can organise teams.
If we cant get enough people together we can still have a gathering in the picnic area.I do not know at this stage if you are in a team if you have to pay to get in to the festival or not,but it is only $10 or less for kids & pensioners.
I was out there yesterday for a drive & stopped for look & when i saw they were after tug teams i thought it could be a bit of fun or (hurt).
Festival starts at 8am-4pm non daylight time.
Ps it may be easier to meet up across from the Showground in the Collins park opposite the Showground around 8am. See you there,
Cheers Bob.

Registration & Attendance (4)


ID ScreenName No. Names Comments
V161435 Pekaz 1 Due to the weather this Gathering has been cancelled. Thanks Bob.
V72366 System Admin 1 we will do our best to come up for the day
V81869 Ruth D (QLD) 1 Wouldn't that make you mad! If we can get out of Birdsville (flood waters) then we are due in Rathdowney (our other home) on Friday 10th! The Rathdowney Heritage Festival is a GREAT day- wish we could meet you all there. Next year we can for sure. Have a good day.
M604 Member - Wim (Qld) 1 Judy & I will come for the day. Tug-of-war not an option.

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