VIC - Pyrenees - Australia Day Sojourn

Arranged By: Bonz (Vic)
Start Date: 25 Jan 2009
End Date: 25 Jan 2009
Updated: 05 Jan 2009
Attendance: 4


Planning a DAY TRIP to the venerable Pyrenees between Avoca and Ararat, meeting at Elmhurst at the GlenPatrick Road Turnoff at 0900hrs for a days tripping the tracks of this wonderful area. Great company guaranteed, Weather guaranteed also (however the particular BRAND of weather is up for grabs). Want to come along?

Registration & Attendance (4)


ID ScreenName No. Names Comments
V160105 Rock 'n' Rolla 1 Arranging Member
M2537 Sir Kev 1 I wish mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
V161292 PhillT 1 Yep Bonz, the CEO & myself
V160316 Steve R1 1 It's a maybe at this stage

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