SA - Meet Jo / Pre XMAS Get Together

Arranged By: Littleborgy
Start Date: 14 Nov 2008
End Date: 14 Nov 2008
Updated: 31 Oct 2008
Attendance: 9


Saturday evening has been chosen for a gathering to meet Jo, and as its so close to yet another xmas we will make this an EO xmas gathering.

It is a BYO picnic at Carrisbrooke Park, Salisbury, (opposite the Old Spot Hotel) on saturday evening the 15th November from around 4 pm.
The area for those not familiar is lawned, with toilets available, and a large playground, with huge area to run free!!
Any and all that frequent this site are welcome, so come meet face to face with Jo and some of the EO 's from SA.

Registration & Attendance (9)


ID ScreenName No. Names Comments
V83557 Littleborgy 1 Arranging Member
V12522 System Admin 1 Yeah we will come, and i suppose we can bring Jo with us...LOL
V110942 Winley 1 So long as Borgy doesn't make me get out of the car, walk and figure my own way, I'll be there!!
M1146 Sand Man (SA) 1 Bev & I will be there to meet Jo and the Borgy brood and also catch up with some "old" faces. Bill.
V111022 - Luke (SA) 1 We'll be there X2. Are there going to be any moderators about the place?
V160371 Kevin W 1 Judy and I will be attending. Just be aware that as an evening thing they do shut the gates to the carpark at dusk. Cheers, Muddy
V31894 cuffs (SA) 1 I will be on the way back from Burra organising a club trip, so will call in about 4.00pm, for a couple of soft ones.
V71437 System Admin 1 Most likely be there
V160473 johlaine 1 Hmmm might show up !!! LOL

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