VIC - Pyrenees Weekend Gathering

Arranged By: Bonz (Vic)
Start Date: 10 Jul 2008
End Date: 10 Jul 2008
Updated: 19 Jul 2008
Attendance: 20


Well the word from the NatGath is that a Pyrenees Weekend should be arranged and JohnR just skyped me to sus it out. Just checked the Trips/gatherings and none from Vic so I thought I better arrange one.

Same place as last year, GlenPatrick Reserve, scintillating conversation, outstanding tracks and Me and John and probably Lucy. How can you miss it?

Do you want to come along?

UPDATE!!::::: I will be arriving there Friday late afternoon but JohnR will have his van there from the Thursday and he is off to a meeting in Melb Fri nite and back early Saturday morning, around 20 replies attending and lots of new and old people to meet and greet along with a raffle to raise some funds for the Reserve committee, and some ticket giveaways from our EO sponsor, Thanx to David and Michelle. New water tank resulting from last years donation great to see! Heading up on Melb Cup day for a one day trip to check a few tracks that JohnR and I didnt cover last time.

Registration & Attendance (20)


ID ScreenName No. Names Comments
V160105 Rock 'n' Rolla 1 Arranging Member
M2537 Sir Kev 1 I am keen but not sure work will ;) I suss it out next week. I may be there without the family as it will be a 2 day dash from here 3 days there and 2 days back. I'll try my hardest to be there with Darkie.
M833 The Original JohnR (Vic) 1 Be there with bells on to keep Bonz in order, proving he doesn't break a leg or cut a finger nearly off or his hand grenade doesn't fluff it.... ;-))))
V110815 Kempen 1 We are planning to be there. Don't forget the tow rope,
V35111 Twinkles 1 I hope to be there.
V24982 AdrianLR 1 Looking forward to it (as long as rule no. 1 is NO EARLY MORNING WAKE UPS! :))
M3014 MadCowz-lifemember (VIC) 1 We hope to come, we'll see if a few friends might join us again. I'm sure my cellar will be in need of restocking by then.
V70298 Best Off Road 1 Barring any mishaps, Jenny and I will be there.
M2087 MUZBRY- Life member(Vic) 1 Little Wes and I would like to come .
V9124 Al 1 I think Al will be working that weekend, but I might pop up with the kids and say hi.
V66410 Rob B1 1 We will be there, but we won't need a tow rope.
V4589 System Admin 1 Oh! most definitely. Wouldn't miss it for quids and I will ensure that I arrive around bright and early around 6.00am for the start of the days festivities.
M3023 life Member - Matt & Julie 1 We will be there if work doesn't get in the way.
V160371 Kevin W 1 Looks like a great start to the Honeymoon! We'll be there and might have to have a drink or two to celebrate.
M4006 Member - Jeff O (VIC) 1 I will be attending. If my van is ready, I will also be bringing my 4 year old Grandson .Scrubcat and I checked the site out yesterday.Good spot .Looking forward to the gathering
M4027 Member - Scrubby (VIC) 1 Yep, I will be there, dunno about the treasurer yet though.
V78931 Curry Lamb 1 After attending last year as a visitor with Mad Cowz, we have now become a member and plan to to come back this year and straighten out the banana boards on the hilux.
V13029 Glenn P3 1 Sorry Mate have just remembered I am double booked, hopefully next time
V75735 Greeny751 1 Have just moved from WA to Vic. I have that week off. Would love to attend.
M2856 Robin Miller 1 New Starter in last night , so Anne and I will be starters this weekend.

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