QLD - ExplorOz National Gathering 2009 St George

Arranged By: Sir Kev
Start Date: 27 Sep 2009
End Date: 01 Oct 2009
Updated: 12 Sep 2009
Attendance: 67


It was decided through general discussion at the 2008 National Gathering at Innamincka that the dates for the 2009 National Gathering be moved from July to September.

The destination for the 2009 National Gathering will be St George in South West Queensland to be held from the Monday 28 Sept till Friday 2 Oct 2009. These dates are the dates the school holidays overlap in the majority of the Central and Eastern states.

Camping will be available for the weekends either side of the gathering for those who wish to arrive earlier and stay a couple of nights longer. For those wishing to do so can you let me know so I can confirm arrangements.

St George is relatively central for the Central and Eastern States.

I have secured permission to camp at the Youth Camp that is located a short stroll from the Beardmore Dam (about 20kms out of St George). The youth camp may need a camping fee. The site has hot shower and flushing toilet facilities and I may be able to get use of 240v.

Directions on how to get to the camp site from St George.

Directions to the camp site are as follows:

From the intersection of the Carnarvon and Balonne highways in the St George Township (cnr of Victoria and Grey Streets) S28.03708 E148.58016 head East towards Roma/Surat for 8.9km to the Intersection of the Carnarvon and Moonie Highways S27.99263 E148.65792. Remain on the Carnarvon Highway heading for Roma/Surat for a further 4.2km.
At the Intersection of the Carnarvon Highway and Thungary Road S27.96331 E148.68663 turn left.
From that intersection travel for approximately 6-8km till you see signs for the campground.

I will have signs on the side of the road showing where to enter the campground. Depending on if I can get hold of enough equipment to put additional signs up I will have one on the Carnarvon Highway and Thungary road intersection as well.

The water availablity at the Camp Site is limited to non potable water. There are places in St George that you are able to obtain Potable water to replenish your supplies.

The ammenities blocks have both showers and toilets with 3-4 showers and toilets in each. There is only a minimal amount of Hot water available for showers 1 x 315 Elec HWS per ammenity block. Therefore do not rely on there being Hot water for showers, but please consider others if you do get a hot shower and keep the shower time to a minimum.

This is a short video taken by Mark G of the camping area, ignore his comments about the Missan Navara near the end as he is kidding himself ;)

There is a fee associated with camping there. It has been negotiated to $30 per vehicle for the duration of the vehicle stay. The normal fee is $7.00 per person Per night. The $30 per vehicle per length of stay equates to $5 per vehicle per night if you stay for the full 6 nights.
The payment of Camping fee's will not be a waste of $$ as I intend to have a Major Raffle and use the $30 to buy 6 tickets in the draw, therefore you have a chance to win something from your camping fee's.

Member Mark G's Blog about the camping ground

Dogs are welcome and are permitted at the selected camping area. The dogs will have to be under their owners control as there are resident wildlife that frequent the area.

Activities that have been discussed while at Innamincka are as follows:


I have just spoken with the KING TOAD (Trevor R) and he has suggested an ExplorOzer's Have Talent Competition.

So for those who think they have an entertainer streak, start getting your "ACT" together ready to entertain the rest of us at the Gathering.

I am sure I can find a few judges and some prizes.


1. Rosehill avairy tour (Australias largest collection of native parrots).

Update - This is closing in late October, so we will be one of the last groups to view the collection.
There is also an Artesion Bore (which is HOT) located close to the Aviary which some people may wish to go and see and have a dip.

This video by Mark G again, shows the Jack Taylor Weir and the Artesion Bore at Rosehill

2. Winery tour of the local winery.

3. 4wd skills competition (to be partially organised by Dave B).

4. GPS skills (similar to geocaching).

5. Fishing competition (bring your boats and gear).

Update - I have secure 3 x 2man canoes from the local Scout group for use for attendee's (a small donation for the use would be appriciated). They do not have suitable life jackets for adults, I can source these locally if required.

Update- I spent some time in St George over christmas and must report that the Yabbies are still in the area. I caught about 15 - 20 large ones that looked like they would be good candidates for racing stock ;)

Potential Fishing spots, at the Dam and the weir in St George

6. Camp oven cooking competition.
I am going to ask the local scout group to come and attend this competition as they would love to have some interaction with contestants to learn how we cook when on the road

Another clip showing the Hot Artesion Bore at Rosehill, Darkie hauling a load of firewood out of the black soil paddock and lastly one of the items to find when in St George for the Gathering.

7. Horse shoe throwing competition (to be organised by John T). This will be a daily event.

8. St George also has an 18 hole Golf course complete with sand greens for those who wish to have a round of golf.

9. If your kids have one bring along Billy Carts and I'll organise a race track for them.

Update - I have secured Billy carts from the local scout group

10. I am currently trying to organise a farm tour with one or two of the local irrigators. So all the Murray Darling Basin Bashers can see what it is like from a QLD irrigator's side.

11. A tour of the local cemetery can be organised if people wish to find out some of the local history from the cemetry.

12. I have also found out that a local in St George makes Condamine Bells using traditional methods. He makes minatures for necklaces and dog collars, so I will try and see if I can arrange a visit to his premises.

3 March Update

The St George Family Fishing Competition is to be held over the weekend of the 26th to 27th of September, 2009, and attracts families trying to snare and elusive Yellow Belly or Murray Cod. Junior & senior categories, best and biggest catch prizes, carp busting competition plus heaps of fun at the bar & BBQ. Just come along on Sunday to the Weigh-In to be in the running for the $1,000.00 Free Prize Draw. For more information contact Doug King on (07) 4625 3636

If anyone wants to attend this fishing competition and requires somewhere to camp let me know and I will organise access to the proposed camping area for you.


I intend to fundraise for a local charity (Update - I have found a worthy local charity, the local Scout group. They are offering equipment for our use during the gathering and are not as financially well off as other local charities) to keep up the community assistance that we have done on previous gatherings. For attendee's I request that an item of some sort be gained for use as a competition prize or for use in a raffle.

There will be more updates between now and Sept 2009.
Start planning now and come and join in the fun.

Cheers Sir Kev

Registration & Attendance (67)


ID ScreenName No. Names Comments
M2537 Sir Kev 1 Arranging Member
V9008 Waynepd (NSW) 1 Sounds good Brave Sir Knight
M415 Isuzumu 1 Sounds pretty cool to us Kev, we will be there
V72366 System Admin 1 wouldnt miss it.........wonder if Stefan's jaloppy will make it there?
M2990 Dave B ( ADL) 1 I saw Queensland on a map somewhere, we will find it. 2 of us. cya
M604 Wanganui Wanderers 1 Pencil Judy and I in.
M1019 Copper Coasters 1 We'll be attending if I've got the Patrol sorted out by then ;-) and assuming I can swing the annual leave etc.
V30852 Stephen M 1 Hi there Sir Kev, We will be there. Another few cockroach's on there way. Regards Steve M
V54427 System Admin 1 Me and Mrs Daza will be going.
M148 Member - Jinki & Harry 1 Plan on being there, sounds great. It will be our 1st gathering.
V51503 Gramps 1 That's a better time for us.
V160815 Wantabee Travellers 1 Yeah we will still be there. Looking forward to it. will arrive Sunday 27th (am) and leave following Saturday Oct 3rd (am).
V110903 Barnes 1 well well.....16 others have beat me to it.....we'll be there with the "quads" and the bedy bus full of kids!!LOL!!
V257 The Geriatric Gypsie 1 we will be there if we can get passed lightning ridge(lol)
M579 Bonz (Vic) 1 Is Queensland in Victoria?, I guess we will be able to tough out the weather
M3651 djccf 1 Put me down as a definite maybe.
V2510 Sam H 1 I'll try my best to actually make this one!!!!!
M2654 Member - John T (Tamworth NSW) 1 I'll be there rain, hail or shine with my horseshoes. Bring the gold coins folks
V14187 System Admin 1 Me and MrsBitchi will be there.
V64208 System Admin 1 We will be out that way in September, hope to be there
V161583 The Channo's 1 I will be there!
V61677 Hairs 1 Count us in Guys, Looks like you'll get to string me up on your Rack after all Jo, ;-) Hey Kev, the Yowie suit is packed.
V28515 doug w 1 Wilbur wife and I would love to come and meet some other EO's for the first time. Should we bring the tent or be wankers and tow the new off road phoenix van? Wilbur wife would prefer the soft option after a 4wd trip of 4 weeks of putting the tent up and down
V96743 aussichef ( 1 The Bride & I will be there have already booked my holidays off from the hotel lol warren & barbara
V37962 Muddies Doe(Trippn) 1 Hi Kev Please pencil Muddy and I in. We will let you know closer to date if this works out for us to be there. :)
V57458 oldplodder 1 Kev, count us in. Colette and I will be there. Give us a shout if need help with anything.
V160371 Kevin W 1 We should have some more leave credits in the bank by then so show us as attending.
M3344 Member - RFLundgren (TAS) 1 We are moving back East in July, so depending on how long it takes us to get resettled we will hopefully be at this one with the 2 youngest kids.
V80714 System Admin 1 Assuming leave from work OK, my wife and I would love to attend.
V111608 System Admin 1 G'day all, we are looking foreward to putting faces to names for that week, see you all then, aussiedingo
V28265 System Admin 1 Our vehicle is now parked in Brisbane and we have booked our flights to return to Oz for the next leg of our 'around the block' adventure. We should arrive at St George on Sunday afternoon and look forward to meeting everyone.
V159950 Newby 1 Margaret and I intend to make this one. missed the last couple due to work and our Cape York trip. attendance confirmed ETA sunday 27th PM
V160824 Janoric 1 Count us in Kev. Kip sends his apologies
M2962 Mandrake 1 Will be coming in from Uluru - Mt Isa - etc - Mandrake and Nada needing a rest I think LOL
V10130 Richard 1 Pencilled in for my first gathering. Should be there for the weekend prior, attend the gathering then head off for the Bourke Outback Trek.
M1620 MUSKY 1 Looking forward to the gathering, what a great time of the year.
V161153 Tom&Jeanine 1 Best count us in
M4027 Member - Scrubby (VIC) 1 Scrubby `n` Strawb will be there if we can time it ok. Coming via Darwin, the Gulf, Cairns and Qld east coast.
V110929 Adams 1 Hi Sir Kev We would like to confirm our attendance. Arriving Sat 26th. Can we gain access to camp site?
V67161 didiaust 1 Can't wait to meet so many wise & well travelled folk. Hubby Al & I (Di) will be there
M1218 Michael ( Moss Vale NSW) 1 Unfortunately NSW School holidays dont start untill the 3rd Oct so not possible this time. We enjoyed the last two years though... BUT, we will see you all on the last day as we are doing the follow on trip across the Simpson, see you all on the last day at St George. Michael
M3023 life Member - Matt & Julie 1 I have been nagged enough looking forward to it, Steve and Denny she won!!!
V160838 GoinThere 1 Just for Kev...Leigh and I will be there..:)
V57281 System Admin 1 Hi I have had an enforced change of plan with a spell in hospital with pneumonia. I have rebooked and will now be in Queensland in Sept, so will now be able to attend the Gathering, see you all there.
V74111 H&B 1 Will see you there looking forward to throwing some more horse shoes.
V160463 kevin 1 Add me & the four legged desperates to your list, Kev.
V161076 bobby dazzler 1 Yeh!! Bill and Pauline will be there for sure. We have FAYDAWAY'ed on a permanent basis now. See you all then.
M366 Life Member Dick B 1 Cancel me as I am leaving ExplorOz
V37825 Mikee5 1 It now looks certain we can be there, coming from Brisbane via Adelaide.
V160315 Col_WA 1 Chalk up another 2:)
V26717 trendy 1 My Judy is the only one able to keep Ross H and his antics under control so we better come for the good of everyone else. 2A-2C and maybe one dog if she's still with us (she very sick now).
V160931 Patty 1 Will try and get there - will be in Qld at time.
V160812 Philip H 1 Looks like you can add another couple of oldies [Ray & Justene]
V30026 Zukscooter 1 Should be able to make the trip.Can't let Ross & Trevor down,they need some one to pick on.Hahaha Oh & i will be in my new swag.
M4130 Member - Malcolm (Townsville) 1 It looks like Joan and I are also attending. First timers. Be kind to us ;-)
V82552 Dust-Devil 1 At this stage it is 80% possible that myself, my sleeping partner and dog will be attending - mainly to give Ross H some much needed support in extra curricular camp activities and to provide Trevor R with backup in case some theiving mother attempts to nick his flag.
M4490 Life Member - esarby (NSW) 1 Yes count me in. Looking forward to my first gathering
V88458 Tony Z6 1 Travelling Central Oz but may be back comming via Cammerons Corner just depends on the great time we'll have on our first trip outback ?????? Will just turn up if possible 1st event
V88773 Mike W1 1 Sorry Sir Kev & Darkie, Would love to attend but only just joined EO If I had more time to arrange I'd be a starter
V86438 Mollydook 1 Yeah, looking forward to St.George and meeting up with you all!
V61554 DandK 1 May arrive late. Just need a tent site. Cheers to all David & Kerry
V80166 snoopy1 1 Lyn & I would like to come to the gathering but will only arrive on Tuesday afternoon late. We have a camper trailer & Patrol.
M4792 Member - Michael P (QLD) 1 Have I left it too late to join in? Other commitments have been deferred so am now able to attend. Regards Mike.
V161159 Dragi 1 Better late than never - I'll be there. Look forward to mixing with the gentry from up north!
V32193 extfilm 1 As much as I would love to make it...... I have work :(
M5095 ModSquad 1 We would love to attend but distance and time are against us. We hope you have a great Gathering and we look forward to reading the tales.
M833 The Original JohnR (Vic) 1 No, sorry, may be Willuna next year

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