NSW - Chichester State Forest

Arranged By: F Liackman - NSW
Start Date: 09 Feb 2008
End Date: 09 Feb 2008
Updated: 18 Jun 2008
Attendance: 1


Would anybody be interested in the Chichester State Forest the middle of the Sept school hols (3rd to 6th Oct). Monday 6th is a public holiday. There are a couple of campsites (one for bikes and one for 4X4s) if we need dunnies etc but I spoke to the ranger not too long ago and he said there was other possible places but without facilities.

I was thinking up the norther end of the Telegherry River (Middle Rd - somewhere) rather than Allyn River area which will be very busy I think.
I know others have mentioned places in previous postings.
Any other suggestions - great.
For those who don't know it is about 2.5hrs North of Sydney.
Perhaps we can discuss more if you are going to Innamincka!!

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