QLD - Townsville weekend camping~25 April Broadwater Park

Arranged By: Craig M
Start Date: 24 Apr 2008
End Date: 24 Apr 2008
Updated: 31 Mar 2008
Attendance: 3


Looking to start a group to participate in weekend camping sorties from Townsville. I have contacted some of the local 4wd clubs and have been told that most of the trips they do are unsuitable for 4wd/campertrailer combos (the fact that I don't own a Nissan or Toyota doesn't help either).
What a loose criteria would be:
1. max 3 hours from door to tent flap from townsville (who wants to drive all day?)
2. minimal unnecessary low range 4wd driving (i.e. drive around the mountain not over it just for the sake of it)
3. cater for all levels of camping/4wd experience not just the experts who have everything and know everything
4. be of suitably low cost so that is affordable for anyone.
5. trek out about once a month to a mutually agreed place
6. be family orientated and support the concept of 'tread lightly'
7. Be a supportive environment to those who are new to camping/sleeping less than 3 star and offer encouragement and assistance to those who are just starting out but concerned about their level of safety.

I was a member of such a group about 10 years ago in Newcastle NSW which introduced many new people to camping. I have looked around Townsville however cannot find anyone involved in such a group. Maybe I haven't looked hard enough. If you are interested in forming such a group or know of something that already exists then i would appreciate hearing from you.

Craig Mc Donald
VKS 737~Quebec 1770

The email has been running hot so I suppose the onus is upon me to organise something. So, in the interest of all things simple, how about a start on the anzac day weekend at Broadwater Park camping ground? It is about 1 hour west of Ingham via Trebonne. If you are attending you will need to book at:
I know it is very easy drive and an established campground but at least it is not a caravan park! If you are interested in attending then register here on explorOz. I had a look at another couple of places last weekend on the way to Ingham but the sandflies bit worse than the crocodiles so I gave them a miss. The campsite is accessible via conventional vehicle but depending on who shows in what, we might do a run to Mt Fox, Hidden Valley or Wallaman Falls on the saturday. If you have some newbie camper friends then this may be a good intro for them, and maybe get them to join ExplorOz at the same time.


Registration & Attendance (3)


ID ScreenName No. Names Comments
V70418 Craig M 1 Arranging Member
V11193 greenant 1 I replied to this a couple of weeks ago did you get much of a responce?? Kerry griffin kerrygriffin@dodo.com.au 47755589
V14283 System Admin 1 Sounds like a great place to start, We're a group of 4 two adults and two kids (10,5).

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